K7NN - Don Birch founded the Southern Arizona DX Association in February 1982.  He held the first meeting at Coco's on Ina and Oracle.  There were 12 in attendance.   Seven of them are now deceased.  The attendees at the first meeting were Bernie (W0YOY-W7KQ) and Karen (W7QHK) along with W7WS, W7RQ - Lloyd, KF8N - Bill, WB7OHF - Ray, Walter Stiles, N7DD - Larry, N7WS - Wes , N7BXX - Gail, N7KA - Arnie, and K7NN - Don.  At the first meeting, K7NN was elected President and N7KA - Arnie was elected Vice President.  We decided to have the meetings on the third Thursday of every month.  Then some one suggested to move the meeting to a more central location.  Sambo's on East Speedway allowed us use their conference room for our meetings.  With Pace Engineering owner N7DD - Larry helping to spread the word, there were 40 who attended the second meeting.  Don registered the Association with the ARRL and was official in September 1982. The rest is history.  N7DD - Larry and K7NN - Don, are Charter members of the Central Arizona Association that was founded in 1975. The format of the CADXA meetings was adopted for the Southern Arizona DX Association.  It has the same format even today.  The SADXA will be 35 years old February 2017.