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Last Meeting
15 December 2016

The meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - RIchard reminding us that the club elections will be soon upon us and to think about stepping up and serving and that he would be retiring in January.

There was a discussion of who had signed up and paid for the Christmas Party on Sunday.  Please let W7LB - Larry know if you haven't already and you can pay at the door.  We have more food than we have attendees.

We are all looking forward to the gift exchange on Sunday.  That event is always fun.   And, of course, our one-and-only Annette will be making it happen.  See you there.

With that, our President and Vice President W9FI - Jim   made a special presentation followed by our DXPloits round table discussion.

The Henning brothers, KB7JAQ - Scotty and KF7EZJ - Andrew, have served SADXA well over the years, and have been providing the club with their BAR-B-QUE skills at all of our social events and have earned special thanks from all of us at SADXA. This Certificate of Appreciation is well deserved.  Thanks Scotty & Andrew, from all of us!

W9FI - Jim said he had scored 400,000 points in the CW contest and did well considering he has not been into contesting.

K6WSC - Bill reported the following (while the bands were dead):
CQWW DX SSB Contest, 13 countries on 10, 53 on 15 and 31 on 20 meters.
ARRL Sweepstakes CW: 200 QSOs, sweeping all 83 sections.
CQWW CW, 22 countries on 10, 55 on 15, 67 on 20, 52 on 40 and 19  on 80.
ARRL 160 Meter Contest, 30 sections.
ARRL 10 Meter Contest, worked 18 countries and 46 states and provinces.
Bill says "Try contesting if you want to work a lot of DX in a hurry (when the bands are dead)!  
Ok, Bill, now you're just showing off!

K7DF - Tom was with us this evening and he said he's been having a good time running Digital JT-65 and JT9 on 17 & 20.

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that we were solvent, but, we have been declining in assets with outgoing exceeding input.  He also mentioned that he would be collecting dues for 2017.

Our guest speaker for the evening. W7RAP - Rick reported that he had a new IC-7600 and was having a good time with it having 69 contacts during the recent CQWW contest.

Our man KB7AZ - Carl said he Had 161 QSOs in the last CW contest, added Temotu Province, which is between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and went over 150 confirmed on 15 meters.  Good job Carl.

W7EXG - Bill explained a bit about his antenna rotate lock failure.  He  made his Gray Line presentatin on 1 December at the CADXA.  Bill also mentioned the Marconi first radio contact from England to Newfoundland and how he must have went about it.  Saying that Marconi had to be the first amateur and had the first call "S" which he sent during that historical event.

K7NN - Don said he made 275 contacts in the 10 meter contest and he had worked 23 countries with JT-65 on 17, 20, 40, 60 and 80 meters.  Always busy, that Don!

President W1KSZ - Richard gave the SADXA DXCC status and said that there were 216 countries worked and 140 confirmed on .

The meeting was adjourned in preparation for the evening talk by W7RAD.

SADXA Presentation


W7RAP- Rick is running for Arrl Section Manager for the South West Division and told us of some of the things that the ARRL does for amateur radio as well as some of the things it has not been able to do such as the recent Amateur Radio Parity Act which had passed the House but was held from passing by one Florida Senator.  "We WILL try again next year!", said Rick.

W7RAD's Shack

We were missing some of those shining faces that usually come to the meeting.  Where were you guys?  Anyway, you missed another good meeting.  Your loss, our gain!


Last Meeting
17 November 2016

The President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by reminding us that the end of the year was near and we would be soon electing club officers.  He and the Vice President W9FI - Jim have served us well and it's time for some new blood.  Everyone who has enjoyed the club and associated events should think of stepping up and taking on the task.  Richard also mentioned that there IS a SADXA meeting scheduled for the month of December on the 15th.  He said that the Christmas Party was scheduled for the 18th of December at the Colonia Verde Clubhouse, as usual, and the cost was $15 per person with W1SR - Steve being in charge of that event.  Steve said that had been chosen to cater the event.  Please notify Steve or or Secretary/Treasurer  W7LB - Larry if you plan to attend and how many guests.  Please pay at the next meeting or at the door, for sure. With some discussion he moved the meeting on to the DX Round Table.
K7NN - Don reported he had been awarded for his 60 years of active amateur radio with a temporary call of K9E.  With that call, he worked 703 contacts in that week and had some big time pile ups. In addition, he worked 262 contacts in 68 countries during the recent World Wide contest mostly on 30 meters.  He reminded us that our friend AA7A - Ned is working with the   as PZ5V.  The has now worked 200 countries but not all confirmed as of this date.
W6XI - Jerry reported that he had little activity and that 160 has been open but nobody's there.  Wally - KB7GAI  said that contacts on 10 had been rare and the same with 160.
W7TUS - Mike said that in September he had a very productive run that included 4 ATNOs (Central African Republic, Central Kiribati, Comoros & Saint Paul Island plus a bunch of new band slots.  The CWW SSB contest added 7 new 80 meter contacts. Good job, Mike.
Our gray-line guru W7EXG - Bill said he'd been perfecting his Gray Line Propagation presentation and had given it to the
and was well received.  He reported that he came home to find his giant DB42 in a vertical orientation and, somehow, the locking mechanism had let go.   Bill said that he forgot to thank K7RJ - Ron at the meeting for his help in trying to push the SteppIR DB-42 90 degrees back to the normal position using a long pole while it was still nested upright on the tower.  The 90 degree rotatiion was due to a tilt plate rotation lock failure during some wind at the QTH.  We were not successful, so, Ron helped with tilting the tower over for correcting the issue.  I'm currently addressing the failure of the rotation lock and hope to have a fail-safe remedy in place soon.  the antenna appears to have survived odeal.
KB7AZ -Carl reported the following: His DX consisted of Central Kiribati, Comoros, East Malaysia, Hong Kong, Namibia, Norfolk Island, Sao Tome & Principe and Temotu Province.  AND.....last week, Carl received his award.  Congratulations, Carl !!
K6WSC - Bill was to have emailed his DX accomplishments but the editor has yet to receive it.
KW7CD - Cornell  is in the process of building a solar power setup for his entire station including linear power.  He said that the inverter was one large item!
Our VP W9FI - Jim is still primarily using the digital modes and some CW, mostly on 30, 40 and 80 Meters.
President W1KSZ - Richard said tried working Chatham Islands ZL7G on 160 with no luck.  He did work them on 30 CW & RTTY.
Lastly, don't forget the big
gift exchange for the Christmas Party.  Hams bring a ham related gift and other guest who wish to participate bring a suitable gift for XYLs.  It shoud be a fun event with Annette running the show.  Hope to see you there.

The meeting was dismissed in preparation our guest W8VG. 


SADXA Presentation

W8VG - George Eveland Presents

W8VG - George gave an excellent and very interesting presentation with a history of ham radio and stories and pictures of pre and post WW2 era and 50's equipment, with hollow-state radios that glow in the dark up until the solid-state gear hit the market and became predominate.  George brought nostalgia to the older hams in the crowd and may have awakened curiosity in some of the hams who have never dealt with the heavy-metal gear.   Well done, George ! THANKS !


We did a pretty good job of getting the word out for George's presentation and we had a nice turn out. But, if you missed it, you missed a good one!  Shame on you!




Last Meeting
20 October 2016


Your web page editor missed the meeting but our President W1KSZ - Richard was kind enough to provide a synopsis of the meeting.

President W1KSZ - Richard   opened the meeting with thanks to those that made the SADXA Fall Picnic a success.  Of course, our Social Director W1SR - Steve did a fine job of getting everything ready to go.  Once again, KB7JAQ - Scotty  and brother KF7EZJ - Andrew  did a bang up job of cooking the burgers and brats, note the picture above.  (Your editor feels that Scotty and Andrew give quite a bit to the success of our get-to-gethers and deserve some special recognition, don't you?)  Just in case you haven't, click here   or on the left side of the profile and check out the pictures.  We had a good time.
Next on the discussion agenda was the quickly arriving
Christmas party scheduled for 4:00 PM on 18 December at the Colonia Verde club house.  The food will be Italian, either from or , both excellent places.  Please let W1SR - Steve know if you are coming and how many.
As in the past, our event will be hosted by our very own Annette  and that is always great fun!
Richard said that we received a gracious letter from the
W7LB - Larry has the original letter. 
The club voted to once again sponsor a plaque for the  (Single Op, VE.

The meeting was dismissed in preparation for the Gray Line presentation. 

SADXA Presentation

W7EXG - Bill,  gave us Part 2 of his detailed study of "Gray Line" activity and why other phenomina may affect propagation during this time.  It was an excellent, well presented discussion.

I know, I didn't set a good example, however, if you missed the meeting and Bill's excellent presentation, then you missed a good one!  See you in November!



Last Meeting
15 September 2016

SADXA President W1KSZ - Richard  opened the meeting by reminding us of the SADXA picnic on the 24th.
W1SR - Steve said that preparations had been made and all was good to go.  The Henning Brothers KB7JAQ - Scotty and KF7EZJ - Andrew will be doing the cooking so be there, be square. The brats are always good!
Our DX Champion K7NN - Don who has a good month regardless of conditions said he worked 72 countries in the All Asian Contest, 47 QSOs and 35 countries in the All European contest.  He worked188 Club Stations with 122 confirmed on .  In addition, he had a clean sweep of the ARRL Route 66 special event stations on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK-31.  Don commented that he didn't think that JT65 was much of a contest mode. 
W7TUS - Mike said he had a couple of new ones and that was it.
N7BDZ - Elaine said that she and K7RJ - Ron hadn't had much activity, however, there had been a lightning strike on a suguaro near them. Pretty exciting.
Our Grayline Expert W7EXG - Bill said he had not been doing much DXing but was working on his Grayline Presentations for the clubs here in Arizona.
KD7UIZ - Don mentioned that the 10 Meter Repeater on 29.670 here in Tucson is on the air and it has had some activity.  The input frequency is 29.570 with a PL of 110.9.  Give it a listen. The transmitter is at N3TYE - Joe's QTH on Old Spanish Trail and the receiver is way out to the Southwest near Pima Mine Road and Mission at AE7YQ - Bill's  QTH. Plans are for additional receivers.
Our other active DX chaser, KB7AC - Carl had quite a bit of success the past month with Algeria, Antigua, Bahrain, Bolivia, Corsica, Liechtenstein, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Pitcairn Island on 5 bands, St Paul Island, San Marino and Western Sahara.  He has 95 confirmed on CW compared to 3 one year ago.
Finally, our President W1KSZ - Richard worked  C81AK Monzanbique
And with that, we took a break to setup for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presentation

The presentation for the evening consisted of pictures and a video of some of our members' stations and antennas beginning with K6WSC - Bill's setup.  Most of the serious DXers are looking for efficiency in their setup to give the best chance to work well in a contest situation. 

The next setup belongs to W6XI - Jerry and of course, you can tell it's setup for maximum efficiency.

W7EXG - Bill has one of those giant DB-42 antennas and he showed us some pictures of the raising of that big monster.  Very impressive.  Look at that garage floor covered with parts for that thing!

Our VP W9FI - Jim was predisposed and couldn't make the meeting but Richard showed us his station.

W1KSZ - Richard gave us a look at his shack with some nice test equipment as well as his operating station and his vintage Collins S-Line setup (not shown).

The last one for the evening was a video that KB7AZ - Carl made showing his station and antenna setup.  Looks like Carl has it all under control.

The station/antenna presentations were pretty interesting.  I hope there's more to be shown.  It was fun.  You shoulda' been there.


Last Meeting

18 August 2016

It looks like our man KF7EZJ - Andew has suffered a bit of eye surgery and needs to wear a patch making him very pirate like.  Hope you get well soon, Andrew!

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting asking for any new or old business.  With no business being reported, he mentioned the ongoing St Paul Island Atlantic Cove and Northeast Point DXpedition and the upcoming  Aves Island as well.  Richard mentioned not to forget and let our Secretary/Treasurer know if you're attending the September 24th picnic and to come up with the $5 for guests soon.
The VP W9FI - Jim announced that he has a new (for him) and he was into JT-65 for Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and 55 countries, having a good time.
As usual, KB7AZ - Carl   had some success working Market Reef, Gibraltar, Kaliningrad, Estonia, Luxembourg, Belize, Saba, Uzbekistan, Sardinia and Malta, making 36 contacts in the European CW contest and picking up five new ones in that mode. Good job, Carl.  He also said that there would be an
Luncheon on Saturday, August 27th from 10 AM until 3 PM at the Desert Diamond Casino on Old Nogales Highway.
W7EXG - Bill will be giving his Grayline presentation at the
and at the  "COPAFest" coming up.

The SADXA Secretary/Treaurer W7LB - Larry said that the club was still solvent and that he had sent our donation to the NCDXF.  He said that he's still working on his "Big Antenna" and should have it done pretty soon.
KW7RS - Cornell said he had purchased a new Yaesu FTDX 3000 since there were a couple of rebates involved, however, he had difficulty in getting the Yaesu folks to come up with the check. Buyer beware, I guess.  Cornell reported that the number for TEP was wrong on the SADXA site and it has since been corrected.  He had been suffering a horrible noise on 20 meters for sometime and was not having success with contacting TEP, well duh, and that he finally called KD7AYQ - Gary the retired RFI chaser for TEP and they resolved the problem.  It turned out to be a air filter sensor in his neighbor's Furnace/Air Conditioner. He's glad that has finally been taken care of.  He said his neighbor was very cooperative.
Our SADXA founder, K7NN - Don outshined us all with 61 countries for the month.  Don has been working YLs and has 169 confirmed YL contacts and one more yet confirmed from PJ6Y which will make 170.  How about that? Never thought of working all YLs.  Don is celebrating 60 years as an amateur radio operator and has been assigned the call K9E to operate from September 24th until October 7th. Congratulations, Don!
N7WS - Wes related to a message he sent to the SADXA reflector concerning the Navajo Code Talkers event and  the son of one of the WW2 Code Talkers, Herb Goodluck - N7HG  , operating as N7C.  Herb had difficulties operating from the shielded Code Talkers Memorial and Wes is trying to come up with a solution.  Wes provided this discussion: 
I am not a networking guy but after a little study I see that barring obstacles it appears that there are WiFi systems designed for outdoors that would cover the distance and provide Ethernet connections at both ends. Two of the standard 2 GHz WiFi band channels are actually in the ham band and usable  by only hams.  Hence these are absent the digital noise cluttering up the Part 15 public band channels, enhancing the range.  On the Navajo reservation I doubt this is an issue, however.

My two Elecraft radios actually have terminal modes, which when combined with suitable interfaces, can control each other remotely.  Unfortunately, the interfaces sold by (but not built by) Elecraft are quite pricey so absent any other use for them, I wouldn't want to buy them myself.  If this was a club sponsored event, we might borrow them from Elecraft.  We have a member, Lyle, KK7P, who works for them.

This is a long way off and I still need to get comfortable with dealing with Herb to determine whether this would be a go or not.  Just thinking out loud at the moment.

With that, Richard dismissed the meeting and preparations were made for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presentation

Our Vice President W9FI - Jim having seen pictures and videos of the VP8STI DXpedition to the remote South Sandwich Islands and the fact that there were penguins involved, came up with some short videos of the activities that occured on those inhospitable islands.  I heard someone say that they didn't particularly want to go anywhere that penguins roamed freely, DXpedidion or otherwise. Having watched the antics of the penguins and sealions, the cold, wind, snow, sleet, 15 - 20 day rocking ship trips on high waves, and with tents and antennas being destroyed by the extreme weather conditions of the Antartic, thought "Not for me!" and in my case, Mimi's air conditioning was working very well.  Brrrr.


Once again, don't forget the Picnic.  We'll have a meeting to remind you before, but keep thinking about it.  You shoulda' made this meeting, you know it?


Last Meeting
21 Jul 2016


KI7FZO - Kiersten

Our guest for the evening is KI7FZO - Kiersten, the daughter of our own Social DIrector, W1SR - Steve  .  Steve told us that this may have set a Guiness Record in that Kiersten had, today, received her new Technician call KI7FZO and on the same day became a member of SADXA.  Congratulations to both of you. Welcome to SADXA Kiersten.

The July meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard   reminding us of the 24 September SADXA picnic and to pay our Secretary/Treasurer $5.00 for any guests you may bring.  Richard said he had received an email with a request for donation to the Italian Senegal DXpeditiion.  There were no motions from the floor and the item was dropped.
W6XI - Jerry
that he had very little activity except for a 2- hour opening on 6-Meters where he worked several DX stations.
Our VP W9FI - Jim
said that he had been playing with the digital modes such as JT-65 and hadn't had much activity since the bands have been pretty bad.  K6WSC - Bill reported that Jim, W9FI is the West Coast Regional Leader in the Single Operator 80 Meter category of the 2016 ARRL DX CW contest (page 88 August QST). Nice work Jim.
K6WSC - Bill
reports a likely top 10 spot in the USA in the Single Operator All Band Assisted CW Low Power category of the IARU HF World Championship held July 9th 2016, with 465 Qs and 75 ITU zones across the 80-15 meter bands. K6WSC is also the West Coast Regional Leader SOULP in the 2016 ARRL DX CW contest (page 88 August QST). Bill also participated in the CRC/RST Field Day on Mt. Bigelow and had a hand in producing this video:  (Editors Note:  This is a professional looking video-slide show and you should take a look.  A lot of work went into it.  While your at it, make sure you LIKE it when you're done.)

K7RJ - Ron
reported that he had been playing with small loop antennas and been having fun with the High-Q devices and had made a contact or two with them.  His XYL N7BDX - Elaine confirmed that he had indeed been doing so.
N7FG - Frank operated in the as QRP mixed mode. He said he worked JT-65 on 17 Meters and it was pretty laid back because it runs in the background, you check it once in a while, click and there you have a QSO.
The SADXA Secretary/Treaurer W7LB - Larry
reported that the club was solvent and that he had mailed the check for the donation to the Solomon Islands DXpeditiion.  He asked if the club was going to continue the tradition of donating to the It was moved, seconded and voted to donate $250 to the NCDXF as usual.
W1SR - Steve said he had acquired a Flex 6700 and the Maestro  and was having a good time with it.  He said that the
was holding Special Interest Group (SIG) workshops on Linux and specifically Raspberry-Pi applications.  If you are interested, click the   and read the flyer. 
KB7AZ - Carl placed first in Arizona and 5th in the Southwestern Division in the Single Operator All Band High-Power Non-Assisted the 2016 SSB Contest. Congratulations on that.  He also reported by  that he worked 22 countries from Algeria to Western Kiribati.  One of them has a name I've never heard: ''Franz Josef Land".  I'll have to look that one up. Good job, Carl.  Obviously you didn't hear that the bands are dead.  
K7NN - Don said that over the last month he had made over 400 contacts on 6 Meters, working all states with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont.  That is an achievement and proves that he is a true DXer.   Don is the founder of SADXA and has lately provided an update to the Mission Statement and a brief history of the club telling of the original members.  Editors Note:  Notice on the left side of the SADXA page is a new button .  It will lead you to the Mission Statement where you will find a link to a brief history of SADXA.  We're still looking for information on that very first group.  If you have information, please contact me.
Finally, W0LTL - Mike
told of his struggle with Parkinson's disease and that he had pretty good control of it through diet and exercise, however, he had recently found that he could no longer use a Iambic key and keyer and operate as he could in the past.  But, he discovered that he could, in fact, operate a Vibroplex style "Bug" quite well.  Good for you, Mike.  Mike reported that the reservation has been confirmed and the usual  location is ready for the 24 September picnic.  See you there.

With that, we were dismissed in preparation for our evenings presentation.


SADXA Presentation

Our presentation for the evening was given by W7EXG - Bill presented a study he made on Gray-Line Propagation, based on only 20 observation points (from 3/24 to 4/9 UTC) from six SADXA members primarily regarding the (NO) Heard-Island experience. He showed us that the analyized data challenges the conventional wisdom, published accounts and definitions of Gray-line propagation.  It was very interesting and even after the presentation was over, people continued to want to discuss the topic.

Yes, there was a good turnout for Bill's presentation, but
we know that some of you were missing.  I hope you can
make it next time.  It was very interesting!


  Last Meeting
16 June 2016

I'm giving my best Stevie Wonder look here because our web editor was not able to make the last meeting so here's how I saw it:

Anyway, meeting went well. We voted to fund the H40/H44 DX-Pedition $100 (not too many folks needed it for an ATNO).

The Picnic is set for 24 September, usual meeting time (~3PM). We will collect names and money (Members are free, Guests are charged $5 each), at next month's meeting.

The DVD presentation was on an expedition to Juan Fernandez Island (of Robinson Crusoe fame).  At least you could fly into this place and the weather was pleasant.  

See you next meeting. 


Here's our Secretary/Trearurer W7LB - Larry's additional information on the meeting:  Had a discussion from Cliff Hauser, KD6XH  on the tower accident involving Milt Jensen, N5IA on Thursday June 9th.      Cliff was at the scene during the accident and provided first-hand information.  Also, Bill Davis, W7EXG brought up grey-line propagation and reviewed some of the results of his Heard Island data obtained by Bill and other members of the club.


Last Meeting

19 May 2016

KE7TR - Shane W7KGB - Fred

K8MUF - Hank

Jan - XYL (AA7A)

In addition to Ned, we had four guests for the evening who, of course, were interested in seeing his presentation.  KE7TR - Shane traveled all the way from Mesa to see the presentation.  Thanks for coming, Shane.  Also visitng for the evening was W7KGB - Fred and K8MUF - Hank. Maybe you'll return and join us. And one more guest would be Jan, Ned's XYL.  We hope you enjoyed your visit to SADXA.


Our President W1KSZ - Richard started us off with an announcement that we have finally found a Social Director.  And that person is: W1SR - Steve   Thanks for volunteering, Steve, we're happy to have you take on that task!

With that, the meeting was adjourned to prepare for the evening presentation.  It appears that we had 29 attendees including Ned and Jan, a pretty good crowd.

SADXA Presentation

The presentation for the evening was a slide show with a few videos of AA7A - Ned Stearns a member of the Intrepid DX Group and the crew that took on the daunting task of a DXpedition at two very remote places on earth, in the South Sandwich Islands somewhere over a thousand miles from the southern most tip of South America toward Antartica.  It's where penguins by the millions , sea gulls and sea lions are the only living creatures of these remote places with the exception of a very few human inhabitants of South Georgia.

To be a bit more specific, South Georgia Island is about 1200 miles east of the southern tip of South America, 950 on east of the Falklands and Thule Island is about 1500 miles east of the tip of Argentina and 300 miles north of the tip of Antartica. Damned inhospitable!

Quoting the The South Sandwich Islands are a cold and inhospitable place.  At 50 degrees south, Southern Thule Island is one of the most remote places on earth.  Southern Thule is closer to the polar circle and the South Pole and either Bouvet Island or Heard Island.  To get there, we will voyage the Drake Passage and brave strong winds and high seas.

And that they did. They traveled in the notable Braveheart, a 120 foot fishing boat built in Japan and repurposed to carry people to these type of remote locations including DXpeditions and National Geographic type adventures..
It was not, by any means, a Carnival Cruise experience.  At times, it was almost necessary to tie yourself in your bunk.  You could see that in most pictures of the Braveheart passengers and crew, they were holding on to something.  

Thule Island was the most remote and that's where they started their DXpedition activities, setting up tents, generators and, of course, raising the antennas and arrays. 

Making it even more perilous, the only way to mount the island was to wade through the icy cold water which Ned said was up to his chest, or climb up a rope via a steep rocky cliff face.  What a choice!

They lived in tents which were suppose to withstand up to 80 Mph winds, but before it was over, they had to endure 100 Mph+ winds with bitter cold, sleet and snow. Even on the more hospitable South Georgia they had to endure a storm that nearly destroyed the tents and their only choice for survival was to huddle under the tables with the radio equipment and wait it out.  At the Thule site, they had to abandon the site and wait out the strorm in the Braveheart, not knowing if they would be able to return and retrieve any of their equiment and gear.

Ned said that at the end of the first Thule event, he and his fellow DXpeditioners were wondering just why they had embarked on such an adventure.  But, by the time they got back to South Georgia, they were ready to do it again.

Here are a few pictures that Ned sent me taken from his presentation.  Click them to enlarge.

Of course, AA7A - Ned was in true form and provided a very interesting show of this DXpedition.  This was, indeed, a very good presentation and you shouda' been here!


Last Meeting
21 April 2016

K2HLW - Mike

Our guest for the evening was K2HLW - Mike who lives over on the west side came to our meeting.  He said he'd been here many, many years ago.  Mike, we hope you'll come back often.  He  says he's been a ham forever, since 1954 and has lots of experience.  Welcome to SADXA, Mike!


President W1KSZ - Richard brought the meeting to order asking if there was any old news.  He mentioned that no one had volunteered to be the Social Director and if no one steps forward, there will not be a Fall Picnic.  He mentioned that in the past we had sponsored a plaque for the and asked if we should repeat the action.  It was moved and seconded with a unanamous vote that we would donate $45 for a plaque.  Richard said that CARA was having a Hamfest on 7 May and although it was small, he always found something good there.

Another bit of news, the SADXA Club Call WS7DX has been awarded due to the efforts of N7WS - Wes , W1KSZ - Richard and K&NN - Don .  Good job, guys.  If there are any others who have provided, let us know.
Our VP - W9FI - Jim claimed first place in the single operator, high power Arizona segment of the .  Congratulations, Jim.
K7DV - Tom said he has now worked 225 countries.  Just wait till he retires!
WD7F - John said he has a new VibroCube key and has actually worked some CW for a change. Will wonders never cease? It weighs 6 pounds and you don't push IT around.
Our Club Veteran KB7JAQ - Scotty had a stack of cards he had received from the QSL Bureau and said that there were cards in there from as far back as 2000!
W7EXG - Bill worked 4 band slots from and worked FT4JA
.  Bill said he was working on a future presentation on the Gray Line propagation.  That should be interesting.
Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that we are solvent and that we have 35 paid members.
N7FG - Frank noted that with is 100 watts and a vertical, the
was actually UNHEARD Island.  That's how it goes, Frank.
Heard Island and Juan de Nova was on W7TUS - Mike's list, he had worked many bandslots but he really had success working African countries and only lacks 4 of working them all.  Will that qualify him for the award?
W6XI - Jerry worked Juan de Nova and Heard with band slots on 17 and 40 plus Juan de Nova on 40 and 80 meters.
W0LTL - Mike mentioned something about DX to Demming on the EARS Network.  Does that count?
N7WS - Wes worked Heard on 17, 20 and 30 meters.
Being tenatious is WA7DHQ - Bob's nature because he said he had worked the
, St. Helena, Morrocco and East Kiribati Island with his Pro III and a Comet Vertical from his RV home.  However, Heard was Unheard.
KB7AZ - Carl was busy for sure, working 400 in theWPX contest in February and 200 in the .  Good job, Carl.

With the end of the round table, we took a break to set up for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presentation

Three of SADXA's finest KB7AZ - Carl , our VP - W9FI - Jim and K6WSC - Bill represented us at the 2016 Visalia International DX Convention.  What made it special for them was that they flew over from Tucson to Visalia in Carl's Piper PA-32 six passenger plane.  Judging from the photos and the description of the trip, they had a very good time.  Wonder if they coulda' carried just one more?

Aren't you sad that you didn't make this one.  You should be ashamed.  You can make it up by attending the May meeting! OK? 

Our waitress for the evening.


Last Meeting

17 March 2016

President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting announcing that our Secretary/Tresurer W7LB - Larry was not making the meeting, however, he was sure we were financially solvent.   Asking if there was any old business, Richard discussed the need for a new Social Director.  We had no volunteers so the subject was tabled until the next meeting.

The next subject of discussion was the upcoming DXpeditiion, the 6th most wanted according to .  After a short discussion, it was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to contribute $100 to the effort.  They're scheduled to begin on 29 March through 11 April 16.
W6XI - Jerry reported that he been doing low band DXing and working 2 new ones on 160, PJ7TM - Tom in St. Martin and 3XY1T Guinea DXpedition His total on 160 is now 191.
Our VP W9FI - Jim said that there was a problem with the recently acquired computer for the presntations and it was returned.  With that it became apparent that there would be no evening presentation because there was no computer availble to use.  Jim has been working 80 and 30 Meters and worked 27 countries in the ARRL International DX Contest CW and Phone.  he said to be on the lookout for , now's the time to get 'em, the 15th through the 26th.
KB7JAQQ - Scotty worked 10 and 12 Meters snagging T32WN, 5J0P, CX1DZ and YY8HBO.  Good job Scotty.  KF7EZJ - Andrew worked the 5J0P, T32WN and TX7EU.  As well they worked some
What else is new?  W7EXG - Bill says he has another STEPIR problem with one of the tuning motors and just got back on.  He said that when those antennas work, they're great, but when they break, they're broke!
One of our most active DXers, K6WSC - Bill has worked the ARRL International DX Contest and scored 716 QSOs and 314 band countries on CW.  And he had 404 QSOs and 257 band countries on SSB and both were Single Operator Unlimited Low Power.  Good job, Bill, you give SADXA a good name!
KB7AZ - Carl also worked the ARRL DX Phone contest and had 400 QSOs, 78 countries and 179 band countries.  He told me something else, possibly he now has 214 countries, but I'll have to check and update the page.
One of our newest memebers, N7FG - Frank says "This past month I've enjoyed good conditions and worked six all time new ones: Azores, Cape Verde, Suriname, Guinea, Falkland Islands, and my all-time distance record, Rodriguez Island.  Also worked the expeditions to San Andres, Marquesas Islands, and East Kiribati, as well as my first non-NA 80m DX, Venezuela and Hawaii, on SSB no less."  Not bad, Frank!
KB7GAI - Wailly said he hadn't been very active but since mid February he had worked several on 10 and 12 meters.
Digital SWLing has become KW7RS - Rolly's passion, hearing a great many stations on PSK31, PSK 63, Contestia 8/250, MFSK 16 and Olivia 8/250 on four bands.  There seems to be a great deal of activity in that area. Here's a link to the Contestia Mode if you're interested. Hey, Rolly, you've got to get going and make QSOs too.

Our man W7TUS - Mike had worked 80 band countries in the ARRL DX Contest but he's still trying to snag the 3C7A.
El Presidente - W1KSZ - Richard said he had been working JAs all up and down 10 meters, all over the place all the way up into the 29MHz area.
N7WS - Wes has been busy with picking up 65 new countries since the 1st of the year.  He worked the 5J0P picking up 18 band countries and the TX7EU snagging 10 band countries.  On 160 he has 149 band countries and 26 countries.  He said that he has been in contact with the new Trico Electric noise chaser and his contact info will be posted on the SADXA page.  Finally, Wes said he's done with the
having 160 total but is a bit tired of it all, so, that's it.

With that, the meeting was dismissed.  See you all next month.


SADXA Presentation
Rescheduled for next month

Hey, show up for the next meeting and how about volunteering to become the SADXA Social Director.  It's an easy job, OK?

WD7F - John has some pins to pass out to the members.  You'd better show up at the next meeting and claim yours, right, Annette? 


Last Meeting

18 February 2016

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with some new business, hoping to find a volunteer to become the Club Social Director to deal with our picnics and parties that our man K7TUS - Mike has done so well for the past three years or so.  No volunteer spoke up so the business was tabled until the next meeting.
The next order of business involved the subject of this evening's presentation, .  It was voted that SADXA would have a representative to act as manager for ClubLog and act as a point of control to insure that no non-SADXA members would be claiming membership in order to use ClubLog.  It was voted that SADXA would indeed have a manager position. With that, Richard appoin
ted N7WS - Wes to be the SADXA ClubLog Manager.
Our VP W9FI - Jim said that in taking over the duty of managing the presentation equipment such as the projector and PA system, was needing a laptop computer for the video and slide presentations.  It seems that the club computer has failed so there will be a need for a computer and Wes has been using his personal labtop.  There will be further discussion.
The DXploit round table discussion started with W6XI - Jerry saying that he had worked mostly 160 meters and had worked all the VP8 except for 10 meters.  W7TUS - Mike said that FINALLY, with the help of W7EXG - Bill , he had sorted out all of the problems with his STEP-IR antenna and was back on the air.  He worked the South Sandwich, Georgia and Palmyra dxpeditions. 
K6WSC - Bill said he had made a record contact on 440 MHz of almost 1/2 mile!  Of course in jest, however, he had been riding the course of the  
mountain bike course when he used his HT.  He mentioned that the race would be just about impossible to have without the support of the amateur radio community who make sure that the very dangerous event takes place with as few safety incidents as possible.
Our only SWLer - Annette said that she "never has anything to say!" when it comes to DXploits.  Editor's Note: There IS a solution, Annette, you know that you DO live with a perfectly good Elmer, don't you?
N7WS - Wes said he had been working the and it was becoming a bit tedious. He's leading in Arizona with about 158, but there a guy in Texas who has 270 or so.
W7JM - John said that he had a rare and unusual contact on the 10 GHz band with his small dish and 10 watts when he worked a station in Apache Junction.  Here's a picture of his working station. In addition, he worked the Moonbounce 70th Anniversary Special Event and here a link to the video of the event where they made contact with John.  Just click the logo. He's in there just a few seconds before the 6 minute mark.
W7EXG - Bill had more info on his restored Drake L7, saying it's working good reaching at least 1300 watts peak.  He's worked the VP8 on 17, 20, 30 and 40 CW. Plus, he's restored an old Cantenna. 
The Henning brothers, Scott and Andrew. KB7JAQ and KF7EZJ both had worked various DX on 10 and 12 Meters.
W9FI - Jim he worked all three of the recent DXpeditions as had W1KSZ - Richard but had worked them on RTTY.
The DXploit winner for the evening was KB7AZ - Carl who documented Easter Is., the Marianas, Le Sotho, S. Georgia, Kenya, Sable Is., S. Sandwich, Palmyra and Jarvis, Fiji and Mali.  And, he worked Bulgaria on 40 Meter RTTY.  Carl has now confirmed 200 now on LOTW.  Congratulations to Carl.  


SADXA Presentation

The evening presentation was given by N7WS -Wes who told us of the many advantages of using for keeping a handle on your DX contacts.  Quoting V7VJR, the creator of ClubLog:  "ClubLog is a web-based application that analyzes log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, ClubLog offers you a wide range of reports for your own benefit, and identifies large scale trends from the sum of all activity in the database." Good job, Wes, for filling us in on the good things that ClubLog can do for you.

Has anyone seen our Club Enforcer - N7BXX? 

Once again, if you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!  Do not miss another one!


Last Meeting
21 January 2016

New Vice President W9FI - Jim

WA7DHQ - Bob

W1SR - Steve

N7FG - Frank

Here are the newest members of SADXA!  Welcome to the club, we're happy to have you as members!

The first order of business was the election of Club officers resulting in the first meeing of 2016 being opened by our newly elected President W1KSZ - Richard.  Richard asked if there was any old business or new and with that, we began the DXploits round table discussion. Our new VP, W9FI - Jim said that he had his new dipole up and had worked the South Sandwich Islands and the in 11 band modes and had four (4) new countries on 80 Mtrs.
K0JJL - Jim had worked K5P.  The Henning Brothers, KB7JAQ - Scott and KE7EZJ - Andrew had worked a bit of DX on 10 meters.  
W7EXG - Jim says his Drake L-7 has been restored and works great.
One of our newest members, N7FG - Frank has been a ham for 52 years and he had also worked K5P.
Not too much DX was reported by our DX champion K6WSC - Bill , however he worked the NAQP CW and had 507 QSOs before the static electricity protector in his dipole shorted.
Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that we are solvent. KD7UIZ - Don told of working with the giant discone antenna at the Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson.  80 ft. high and 50 ft. in diameter.  Don said it works great! is having a radio party on 30 January.  If you're interested, contact Don or an RST member.  WA7DHQ - Bob said that he had to work really hard and exercise patience in order to snag the K5P with his vertical and 100W, however, he managed to do it!
W6XI - Jerry worked K5P on 160/80/40/30/17 and 12, VP8 on 40 & 17.  Worked Europe on 160, Uruguay, a prize for sure,  and now has 187 on 160.  He suffered a bad barrel connector on his 80 meter antenna and recommends NOT using barrel connectors because they WILL fail.
KF7OOO - Jerry and KW7CD - Cornell related how they had worked portable from the Salt River Canyon and that Cornell was learning C++.  Good luck with that, Cornell.  
KB7AZ- Carl worked 2 new countries and K5P on 15 and 30 meter RTTY plus on 20 CW and phone. W1KSZ - Richard said he had worked K5P on 160/80/40 and 30, but not on 10.  He worked the South Sandwich on 30 mtr RTTY and had been working on restoring a Collins station.
N7WS - Wes worked the K5P on 15 RTTY plus 17 band slots.  Wes said that he  and W6XI attended the 
awards banquet where KK6EK - Bob Schmieder was the featured speaker.

Finally, Wes says there are 409 stations to be worked on the ARRL and that he has now worked 72 of them.  Gee Wes, when do you sleep?

With that, the meeting was adjourned.  See you next month.



It was a good meeting to kick off the new year!  If you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!  Don't miss it next month!

What the?!?  Is Don slapping Wally on the head?

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