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Last Meeting

17 December 2015

KB7GAI - Wally

As you can see, Wally was in full spirit for the December meeting and of course he was ready for the main event.  Eating!


W1KSZ - Richard opened our meeting with some business, turning to our VP N7WS - Wes . Wes noted that the   was now clean of interlopers who had indicated that they were members of SADXA.  Good job, Wes.
The next order of business was the discussion of just who we wanted to allow to use the
since there were some users who are not members of SADXA that are on the list, and, there are many posting from the members of the that have to be manually accepted.  It was voted to allow all hams to use the reflector, as is the practice of the CADXA.  Your's truly will see that the list is available for all hams if they request to join.

We are to continue with donating money for the plaque.

After a discussion, it was voted to make a DXPedition donation of $250 to since it would be the least likely to appear again any time soon.

With that, the DXploits Round Table was started with N7WS - Wes who had, even with the not so good band conditions, worked 40 countries in the last month.  
Our man KB7GAI - Wailly had worked some DX on 12 Meters, not much else except for an occasional 10 meter contact.  He mentioned that there was very good SWL listening on 5.085 MHz to a ham radio show on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM and Art Bell and his program at 10.  Good stuff, says Wally!
W7EXG - Jim has been in the process of refurbishing his Drale L-7 amplifier including replacement of the 3-500Z tubes.
WD7F - John  had a contact on 40 Meters with W7YRV - Roy who hasn't been seen for a long time.  He has moved to Bisbee!  John purchased an IC-756 PRO III from W7TUS - Mike and it was the best receiver he has ever owned.
President W1KSZ - Richard has an that does everything and loafs along at 1500W out and he likes it! He latest was working  Willis Island on RTTY 30, 15 and 12 Meter RTTY.

W9FI - Jim worked JA0JHZ/VK9 on Cocos Keeling Island in September and had an issue with LOTW not generating a hit because Nobuaki had logged it as VK9C.  He got it sorted out and the story is here:   Jim said he raised his 30 Meter dipole to about 50 feet and leveled it a bit and it's working much better, not so much of a cloud burner.  He is also building an 80 Meter dipole.

Our newest member, WA7DHQ - Bob is still living as an RVer has a PRO III with a Comet CHA250B on his RV and has WAS in the ARRL Centennial event with Guam, Puerto Rico and Washington DC as additionals.  He made 75 contacts in the North American QSO Party and 90 QSOs in the November SSB Sweepstakes. Not bad, Bob.  He says he's looking for a permanent location with no antenna restrictions.

Finally, our DXtraordinary member K6WSC - Bill outdid everybody with the following:

CQ World Wide DX, RTTY:   129 QSOs;      87 Countries
CQ World Wide DX, SSB:     295 QSOs;    213 Countries
ARRL Sweepstakes, CW:     500 QSOs;     83 Sections (Sweep)
ARRL Sweepstakes, SSB:     250 QSOs;     83 Sections (Sweep)
CQ World Wide DX, CW:     738 QSOs;    383 Countries
ARRL 10-Meter, CW:           492 QSOs;      77 Multipliers (Unofficially 4th Place)

That's quite an accomplishment, Bill.  He created a  video of some of his contesting.  Just click the logo.  Pretty impressive.  Bill says that his XYL still loves him.  She doesn't like phone and RTTY, but CW is OK.


It's too bad you weren't here, you missed a good one.  Gee!  I wonder what happened to our SADXA Enforcer. Oh, I think I know!


Last Meeting

19 November 2015

WA7DHQ - Bob

WA7DHZ - Bob, a Tucson resident, was our guest for the evening.  Bob is now retired says he's a full-time RV'er, having fun with some DXing.  We'll look forward to seeing more of you, Bob!  Welcome to SADXA.


W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by calling on W7TUS - Mike to give us the latest news on the Christmas party coming up soon. Italian will be the cusine for the evening and the cost is $15 per person.  Please pay W7LB - Larry now or at the next meeting.  Equally important is Mike needs to know if you are coming by the 12th of December.  You may come to the party if you haven't committed, however, there may be a problem if you want to enjoy the meal. There will be  an optional 
ham related gift exchange and a $10 max gift exchange for the XYLs.  We always have a good time with the gift exchange.  Make also said to bring your own  and appetisers for maybe four people.  That should be plenty.

The next order of business was the previously tabled motion to join (Amateur Radio Council of Arizona).  N7BXX - Gail moved that SADXA join ARCA.  It was seconded and opened for discussion.  Several members expressed their opinions as to why or why not join the organization and finally it was put to the vote.  The motion to join ARCA was defeated by a raised hand count.  

Our VP, N7WS - Wes,   brought up the subject of  , a web based system of producing DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log search services and most wanted lists. He related a problem occuring because non-members of SADXA were indicating on the ClubLog site that they were members.  After some discussion, Wes was selected as the SADXA representative and in conjunction with our Seretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry, would be determining the exact membership status of previous or non-members and having them removed from ClubLog as members of SADXA.

And finally before the break for the evening presentation, our President W1KSZ - Richard presented a certificate awarding W0LTL - Mike a Lifetime Membership in SADXA that had been voted on at last month's meeting.

Congratulations, Mike and thanks!


SADXA Presentation

W6XI - Jerry  began his presentation by asking all of us what would happen with all our ham gear if we suddenly disappeared?  How would our families cope with handling all of the radio gear which most of them are totally unfamiliar with?  What kind of a burden is it on them added at their time of loss?  Would they just throw away gear because they just don't know what the value might be?  Jerry explained that it was exactly what happened when W7CS - Chuck passed away.

Chuck was actually on his deathbed when he realized he had not prepared at all, not thinking over time that he might reach this point so soon and asked Jerry if he would take care of it.  Well, Jerry did.  With the help of several hams over nearly the next three months, most of his gear has been disposed of.  What a job!  We saw many pictures of the extensive collection of antennas, towers, gear and parts that Chuck had accumulated over many years of activity.  Chuck's remote homesite up in Oracle didn't help the situation either.  Much of the items that might have been of value to someone had to be discarded.

This presentation made us all think a bit, I'm sure.

Jerry, you were a good friend, indeed.

W7CS (SK) - Chuck
22 January 1932 - 22 May 2015

Not a bad turn out says our SADXA Enforcement Officer!


If you missed this one, you missed a good ususal!



Last Meeting

15 October 2015

W0LTL - Mike


Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by thanking those who made the SADXA Fall Picnic a great success.  Thanks to Mike for the organization and to Scotty and Andrew for the cooking.

W7TUS - Mike

KB7JAQ - Scotty

KF7EZJ - Andrew

Richard said he wanted to dispense with the DXploits round table discussion and move on to the evening presentation because AA7A - Ned Stearns would have to travel back to Phoenix.  However, prior to that, N7BXX - Gail had a motion. Our President was somewhat reluctant, but did relinquish the floor to Gail.  It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that SADXA give our man W0LTL - Mike a lifetime membership for his long service to the club, especially in that he has arranged for us to have several partys and picnics at the Colonia Verde Clubhouse.  The certificate can be seen above.
One antecdote that I heard W9FI - Jim
tell was that he worked AP21A 15 years or so ago and never received a QSL, even after sending SASEs, etc., on more than one occastion. The guy just won't answer his email either.  Recently, Jim found that the guy had recorded the QSO on EQSL.  Well, you know the story about EQSL, those confirmations don't count for anything except your ego.  Anyway, he has now tried to get him to respond on EQSL and is going to try another SASE for that long awaited Pakistan QSL card.Sigh.

With that, we moved on to the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presentation

Our VP N7WS - Wes introduced our guest speaker for the evening using our newly acquired PA system.  Editors Note:  It's about time! AA7A - Ned Sterns gave us a very informative presentation of his preparation and subsequent operation, especially the EME station construction and traveling to the islands of Bahama. It was a lot of work in preparation, but he was pretty successful in attaining a good score and the satisfaction that he did it.  Ned showed some of his engineering skills in the construction and packing of his station in order to fit into three bags and at that, the 3rd bag becomes very expensive on the airliner.  i believe that he enjoyed the challenge and is now looking forward to a mini-DXpedition to some exotic location, Cuba, maybe? 

Once again, it was a good meeting and if you missed it, you missed out.  Next time, be there and be square!


Last Meeting

17 September 2015

W6CSE - Art

KA7GRD - Noel

We had a couple of guests for the evening.  W6CSE - Art is rekindling his interest in ham radio and he has his father's call.  Welcome back, Art.  And, we had KA7GRD - Noel from the Ashville, NC area who's visiting his brother KK7P - Lyle.  Welcome to SADXA, Noel.


The September SADXA meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard asking if there was any new business, old business and then he mentioned the Saturday picnic.  At that time, W7TUS - Mike said that it was last call for the picnic and to please pay by the end of the meeting.  
KW7CD - Cornell reported that there is an engineering position available at the Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico and they're looking.  He said that he had been on a nice cruise to Alaska and had some great pictures to prove it, however, they wouldn't let him in the radio room.   Party poopers!

W1KSZ - Richard had a special QSL card from WAZ Zone 41, a made up location, from an inmate at McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia where you send him a QSL and he'll send you a very fancy card suitable for your coffee table collection.
K0JJL - Jim and his XYL - Marlene made it all the way from Sierra Vista and Jim says he's not done any DX because he's building a boat ! What color are you gonna' paint it, Jim?
KB7AZ - Carl had worked .  Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that we are financially solvent and that, finally, after 5 years, he was building his antenna.
KD7XH - Cilff found that he had experienced a lightning strike and it smoked a balun (BALUM, Cliff says) but didn't hurt his radio equipment. (po-TA-to ... po-TAH-to, right?)
K7NN - Don said he worked all 21 Route 66 event stations plus Palestine and got the card  for UA4WHX on the 2013 XR0H2O Dxpedition. 
Our VP N7WS - Wes said he's installing new coax and worked on 15, 17 and 20.  Also worked  .
Finally, W0LTL - Mike said the Christmas party should be on the 3rd Saturday of December if all goes right.

With that, the meeting was adjourned with a short break before the evening's presentation.


SADXA Presentation

The SADXA Enforcer was pleased with the turn-out for the meeting this evening.  Doesn't he look happy?

Ladies First!


Last Meeting

20 August 2015
W7KEY - Ted

It looks like the old timers are returning to the club.  Last month it was W9FI - Jim and now here is W7KEY - Ted.  It's been a long time, Ted.  Welcome back!

W1KSZ - President Richard opened the meeting and reminded us of the upcoming fall picnic.  W7TUS - Mike said that the picnic was free for members and $5.00 for guests.  If you want to eat, please notify him by email if you are coming.  Please include the number of guests.

As for old business, the discussion about SADXA joining was tabled until the November meeting.
N7WS - Wes told us that the video presentation he had intended to give had to be cancelled because of a defective DVD.  Wes said he is still having problems with his new   .  When will it all end, Wes?  He said he did work   Sable Island and (get this one)

With the exception of a couple of members, DX activity has been very limited due to it being the monsoon season and the terrible band conditions.

N7BXX - Gail attended the Williams Ham Fest and since he had been tasked to do so, purchased a PA system for our future presentations.  He said that he would like SADXA to join ARCA and volunteered to be the club representative because he wants to lobby to move the hamfest from Williams to some other location, possibly in the Casa Grande area.  Gail also mentioned the National Parks on the Air coming up next year. We'll have to see what that's all about.

As with most of our members, DX conditions were bad.  Busy, busy KD6XH - Cliff returned home to find that the monsoon storms had rotated his antenna and it's just too hot to climb the tower and fix it.

Some of the members are diehards, including KB7AZ - Carl who made several contacts such as the Galapagos Islands.  He gave an example of band conditions this year as opposed to last.  In the RTTY contest last year, he worked 225, this year it was 21.

KB7GAI - Waily told us of a new Short Wave station on 5.085 WTWW and has W6OBB - Art Bell's Coast to Coast program.  Take a listen.

Congratulations to W9FI - Jim , who being retired has now received his on 17 Meters and is filing for 30 Meters.  Good work, Jim.

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that we are financially solvent, we have 37 paid members and to please pay him for any guests to attend the picnic.  Larry intends to begin collecting dues for 2016 at the next meeting.  In the past, he has had to collect late into the current year.  

Larry said that the Scout's attempt to contact the International Space Station in July failed because the Russian operator failed to show. The next attempt wil take place on 22 August at the High School.  This time, a operator is scheduled and will probably come on the air. 

Last month, K7WSC - Bill mentioned that he had worked 59 countries in the 2015 ARRL International DX CW Contest, Single Operator, Unlimited, Low Power scoring in the Top 10 - W/VE.  Check it out in the August issue of QST: Nice work, Bill !

W0LTL - Mike finished us off with a "Talking Dog" story and the meeting was closed.  See you next month! 


SADXA Presentation
(Sorry.  Rescheduled)

The SADXA Enforcer tells you that you need to be showing up for the meetings, or else.  Even without a presentation, the meeting was good!

Ominous cloud formation in the West after our meeting!


Members who showed up and are in good standing with Gail !

Last Meeting

16 July 2015
W9FI - Jim

Our guest and newest SADXA member is W9FI - Jim, a past member and former President of SADXA.  Welcome back, Jim!  We're happy you decided to return to the fold. Jim says he's retired now and he's ready for action.  You can see his antenna/tower on .

Our President, W1KSZ - Richard , brought the meeting to order and some new business was discussed.  N7BXX -Gail  suggested that we procure some low level PA system to assist those who make presentations be heard more easily.  It was moved and seconded that KB7AZ - Carl would look into it.
W0LTL - Mike told us that the picnic date was finalized, 19 September, and the cost was free for members and $5.00 for guests.
W0LTL - Mike reminded us that members would be free and guests for the picnic would be $5.00 and to pay him or W7LB - Larry as soon as possible so he would have a headcount.
The Henning Brothers, KB7JAQ - Scotty and KE7EZJ - Andrew will be doing the BBQ as usual.  Thanks guys!  See you all there.
It was suggested by N7BXX - Gail that we might join . There was a motion to that effect, however, our President tabled the motion for further discussion as to any advantage we might have by joining. 
W1KSZ - Richard told us of the hamfest conflict with the Oro Valley Fall hamfest and the   hamfest are scheduled for the same day, indicating that someone is not paying attention to what's happening in Arizona.  
The DXploits round table proved that the radio conditions have been poor over the past few weeks.  
W7EXG - Bill managed to work 13 states on 6 meters including Connecticut.  Of course, our man K6WSC - Bill worked 59 countries in the contest.  Once again proving that die-hard DXers win in the end. Good job, Bill!
KW7CD - Cornell said that the only thing he had accomplished was to change the lamps in his DX-302 , saying it was quite a job.
Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported  that we are financially solvent.
KD7AZ - Carl worked the 13 colonies in one afternoon, gained 8 new CW countries and has a new FTDX 3000 .  Nice rig, Carl.
Our VP N7WS - Wes reported that he has been fighting a 20 over noise at his QTH.  Of course, when the man came to investigate, it had rained and the noise disappeared.  His new K3  was sent back due to problems....already.  Wes said that however, he had worked E51 on 15 CW and S79 on SSB.
KD6XH - Cliff said he had not worked any DX, however, he has been working on a microwave project.

With that, our meeting was ajourned in preparation for the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presentation

N7WS - Wes  presented a video of the   

FT5ZM DXpedition to Amsterdam Island in 2014.  Those folks had an 18 day long boat ride from Fremantle, Australia to Amsterdam Island where they set up an impressive array of light weight aluminum towers and monobanders generously loaned to them by an Australian radio club making for nearly 165,000 contacts. They were on 10 thru 160, CW, SSB and RTTY. 

If you click on the SADXA logo
you will find it among the list of contributors to the DXpedition.  Editors note:  the link to SADXA is broken on the FT5ZM contributors page.  I've asked the webmaster to fix it.

You can also see lots of photos and the progression of the DXpedition from packing to completion on Facebook.  Click the logo.

I hope you didn't let the chance of a monsoon storm or two cause you to miss this presentation. If so, you missed a good one!

As always the best looking pictures first! After that..well...

This is Sheree, the lady that effeciently takes care of us for the meetings.  She does a good job considering who she has to deal with.

Last Meeting
18 June 2015

KE7KA - Keith

XYL - Ellen

K4HHX - Vince

KF7OOO - Jerry

W0MPH - Dick

KK7P - Lyle

We were honored by several guests for the evening, some having been invited by KW7CD - Cornell who gave the evening's presentation.  SADXA welcomes all of you and we hope that you will return.   And, we had a couple of prodigal sons such as W0MPH - Dick and KK7P - Lyle who showed up too. Plus, KD7KEQ - Randy from W7SA was here (See below).   It was a good meeting.

The SADXA  President, W1KSZ - Richard,  opened the meeting with a welcome to our guests and quickly dispatched the business portion of the meeting.  Since the band conditions have been terrible and the heat has made us lazy, the DXploits portion of our meeting didn't produce many notable results.

One of our more active DXers W7EXG - Bill    says that it's a fact, 14.270  is the Chinese calling frequency.  Not letting us down, Bill did work island and the Azores.  Once again, good job Bill.
 K7WSC - Bill , not to be outdone, worked several on 6-meters and others too.
KF7OOO (Out of Order) - Jerry worked a warship from San Diego on 20.
KW7CD - Cornell told us of his DX-302 that he "stole" for $30 from some unsuspecting ham, just because it didn't work.  
Our Secretary/Treasurer, W7LB - Larry gave a short financial report and said that he was getting his satellite act back together so he could work the ISS in July.  Larry also reported that we recevied a thank you letter from the
for our donation to the cause.
The Catalina Radio Club
representative, KD7KEQ - Randy , graciously welcomed us to attend the upcoming operation sponsored by both the Catalina Radio Club and the in their combined effort up in the coolness of the Catalina's on Bigelo, NEXT WEEKEND (27 &  28th).  Thanks Randy.
N7BXX - Gail has been doing  .  Gail, it's about time!
W0LTL - Mike has recently acquired an SX-100 receiver and your truly has volunteered to check it out. 
KD6XH -  Cliff said he had been to for the first time since 1985 and passed around a copy of a 1915 issue of
QST he had picked up there.  He also said that the Army program were phasing out the VHF portion of their service, however, HF is still thriving.

Finally, KK7P - Lyle said he has been working hard on the program that he is deeply involved in..
At that time, the meeting was adjourned for preparation for the evenings presentation.


SADXA Presentation

The presentation"Why do we need better (LESS) phase noise?", was introduced by our VP N7WS - Wes and given by KW7CD - Cornell , who is a renoun expert on synthesizer design and has published over 90 technical papers and articles in professional magazines and the author of available on Amazon.  His interesting talk with slide support was a bit technical for some of us (me), however, it did foster quite a few questions and comments from the members.  He painted a picture of how the engineers for our major amateur radio manufacturers have only recently begun to take into consideration the effect of phase noise on a receiver and may not have previously understood what was really happening or what to do about it.  For example, the latest ICom product, the IC-7851, boasting a $15K pricetag, is nearly capable of phase noise figures near to Cornell's own   home brew Star-10 design. Click on it to read about his rig.  At the end of the presentation, it appeared to have sparked a pow-wow between a few interested parties.  

Since we had a fairly good turnout, the SADXA Enforcer was pretty happy, as you can see.  However, if you missed this presentation, shame on you.  You missed a good one!

This lady, single handedly, took care of food and drink needs of the entire party very efficiently.  I'll get her name next week.  Thanks! Your editor has enjoyed the meetings at Mimi's for this reason, among others. Yes, I was there too.

It is very saddening to report that W7CS - Chuck Smallhouse passed away Friday, 23 May 2015.  He will be missed.  His service will be held at 4:00 PM, Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the Oracle Union Church, 705 E American Ave, Oracle, AZ. (Obituary)


Last Meeting

21 May 2015

The meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard with the round table DXploits.  Many of the members had little or no activity.  KB7JAQ - Scotty said he had some success with trans-equatorial to South America and EA8 as well. It was basically the same for KF7EZJ - Andrew and KB7GAI - Wally .
W6XI - Jerry said that six meters should be opening now.  He said he has some coax on hand for the asking and some aluminum tubing as well.  Give him a call if interested.
K5RR - Richard has 700 feet or so of RG-11 coax and the price is right.  He also mentioned the K1N mega-DXpedition to Navassa Island article in the latest issue of
It was several firsts for W7EXG - Bill, who after 60 years of ham activity made his first contacts on 6 meters, four to be exact.  He worked China for the first time on 14.270 . Then he worked an Aussie on 17 meters where the operator was running QRP on the beach and they made contact with power as low as 1 watt.  The kicker was that the guy recorded the contact on along with some other qso's.  Bill was blowing him away with his DB-42!  Click it to see it.
N7WS - Wes has worked 120 DXCC stations, ordered a new Elecraft K3S and has had some success working early morning DX on 20 meters.
Carl - KB7AZ has been very busy working 180 contacts this past month and has 100 RTTY contacts for DXCC now.
Would you believe that K6WSC - Bill did not have his 3-page list of DX to share. Why not, Bill?

Finally, there was a discussion of a donation to the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands DXpedition in 2016.   It was moved, seconded and voted to donate $250 to that dxpedition.  You can find AA7A - Ned in that lineup.  We'll look forward to his presentation when that event is over.

The President also mentioned the Fall Picnic and 19 September is the target date at the moment.

At that time the meeting was dismissed in preparation for the evening's presentation.


SADXA Presentation

Our VP, N7WS - Wes, introduced our man NQ7R - Tom who gave his presentation of the E30FB - Eritrea, North East Africa DXpedition in March of this year.

Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups. It has a population of around six million inhabitants. Most residents speak Afro Asiatic languages, either of the Sematic or Cushitic branches. Among these communities, the Tigrinya make up about 55% of the population, with the Tigre people constituting around 30% of inhabitants. In addition, there are a number of Nilo Saharan speaking Nilotic  ethnic minorities. Most people in the territory adhere to Christianity or Islam.  (

Tom's slide show consisted of many interesting pictures of Eritrea and he related some of the history of the small country and it's 30 year war resulting in its independence from Ethiopia.  Interestingly enough, it's a one party state and has not held elections since it's independence was established.  A notable  point was that the government owned hotel he stayed in did not accept the local currency and required dollars or euros. Go figure.

The DXpedition was hindered by an X-Class solar flare occuring during their stint according to the . Murphy's Law prevailed as well and computer difficulties resulted in a large number of CW QSOs being done by hand.  Yet, they managed to deliver over 60,000 QSOs.



You would think that having a meeting in a new place and an excellent presentation would be enough to get everybody to show up, right?  In any case, once again, you missed a good meeting.

Last Meeting

16 April 2015

K7RJA - Ron

We had a guest at the meeting.  Welcome Ron - K7RJA.  We hope you enjoyed the meeting and that you'll be back.

W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with our usual DXploit round table with N7WS - Wes starting us off with saying his new beam will be on the air soon and he had worked the Chatham Island DXpedition.  KD6XH - Cliff  said he's going to and hadn't been there since 1985 or so.

Our Big-Gun DXer K7NN - Don makes it look so easy with his dxing, working in the last month, 89 countries!  He said he received his EP6T Kish Island DXpedition card as well.
Our President - W1KSZ said he really enjoyed the
hamfest last month and the swap meet had some good stuff causing him to part with several dollars!
Mike - W7US has been busy rebuilding his AC/DC power distribution in his shack.
W7EXG - Bill has been having more fun with his DB-42 and has racked up several islands and others such as Camin, Cook, Turk, Creet plus Morocco, Turkey, India and 22 other countries.  Good job, Bill. 
Our treasurer, W7LB - Larry reported that the treasury and cash fund is good and we're holding the Herd Island donation check for the moment. There are 34 memebers at this time. There are several who haven't paid the dues for the year, so pony up folks!
KB7AZ - Carl has worked Chatham as well as 100 counties on RTTY.  He said that he now has antennas for all HF bands and he had finally made a contact on 30 Meters and has used 'em all.
Don't foget it's Mimi's next month and finally, N7WS - Wes  says checkout
With that, the meeting was adjourned for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presentation


Carl gave a very interesting presentation showing ways to build and use antennas that blend into the background to comply with deed restrictions.  He showed us several different methods of hiding antennas and even a few ways to load up the bedsprings, so to speak. For example, some folks had loaded sections of wrought-iron fence or gutter pipes and other inovative methods of gettting something on the air where restrictions prevail.  After all, there are other ways to hide an antenna other than the proverbial you know what.

Note from the SADXA Enforcer:  

Once again, if you missed Carl's presentation and the camaraderie of a typical SADXA meeting, then you lost out.  Get it together and be there next time!  Check out the pictures!  See what you missed?


Last Meeting

19 March 2015

KE7GYQ - Doug

K6WSC - Bill

Welcome back to a couple of long missing SADXA's finest.  Where HAVE you been, guys?

KE7YTE - Tom

And here's a fellow who's been missing even longer.  Welcome back, Tom!

The meeting was opened by our VP, N7WS -Wes with a finance report by W7LB - Larry  who reported we were solvent, however, only 27 members have paid for 2015  Ante up guys!  
It was moved, seconded and voted that we donate $250 to the
A donation to the Herd Island DXpedition was tabled for further discussion. They have a ways to go to meet their financial goal.
(EDITORS NOTE: With some of our avid DXers having so much activity, it's necessary to limit the quantity of information that is posted here.  Sorry guys!)

While Ned was setting up equiment, the DXploits round table was initiated by W7EXG -  Bill  who is having fun with his DB-42 scoring Isle of Man, Sicily, Iceland, Iran & Israel for example.
WO7V - Jim had received a certificate  for 1 Hz accuracy on the K5CM Frequency Measuring Test on 3 March. He said he was surprised that he received it considering his equipment used for the measurement.
W7TUS - Mke is up to 284 countries.
Long missing K6WSC - Bill had a three page list of his DX & contest accomplishments.  He reported his (still rumored) contest results as singled operator, low power, assisted category. This all done with the help of a new Hex Beam.   Great work, Bill!

CW Worldwide DX, CW: 366 band countries
ARRL 10-meter: 79 countries, 1st Place USA
ARRL DX, CW: 412 band countries, 10th in the USA
ARRL DX, SSB: 247 band countries. 

There were several stories of the recent three day wind event here in Tucson with WD7F - John having a coax connector being completely unscrewed from a loop balun and W1GHF - Rick having ground/guy wires snagged and will require his tower to be tipped over to fix.
Our real-estate guru, KD7UIZ - Don, said he has workd six countries on 10 meter FM repeaters on 29.600.
AA7A - Ned
spoke of a portable moon bounce antenna he was working on and would be taking it on one of his future DXploits.
Six meters had a few interesting openings to CE and LU land during the recent solar flare said W6XI - Jerry .  

KW7RS - Rolly said that he has recently acquired a 50 Ft. tubular telescoping tower and will be working to get it up and ready.
W0LTL - Mike said he had recently met very good friends of the infamous Father Moran of Nepal, best known as 9N1MM (Mickey Mouse) and wondered if SADXA might be interested in hearing about him.

With that, Ned began the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presentation

Again, we were presented with an excellent slide show by AA7A - Ned of his VooDoo group on a DXpedition to Kuait with the hosting of 9K2HN - Hamad who provided nearly unlimited resources for a winning combination of antennas and a very comfortable quarters for operating, not quite like the South Western Africa countries of the famous VooDoo DXpeditions.  He said that the large 160 meter beverage antennas they constructed made all the difference when it came to setting a new CQWW record as a Multi-Multi.  You see all of the pictures of the event here.

This presentation was a good one you you missed it!  When will you ever learn? 


Last Meeting
19 February 2015

NG7A - George

WB6BFW - Scott

We had a two guests attending the SADXA meeting.  Welcome to NG7A - George, from New Hampshire and a transplant to Rillito, AZ and on to Dove Mountain in Marana.  Next was WB7BFW - Scott from the . We hope you had a good time at the meeting and will consider joining our group.

The 2nd meeting of 2015 was opened by our President, W1KSZ - Richard
, with a short discussion of our contributions to DXpeditions followed by our DXploits round table discussion.  
Our VP, N7WS - Wes worked with 12 band slots, busy, busy.  
KB7AZ - Carl worked several including Gabon and Lebanon.  W7EXG - Bill continues to extol the virtues of his large DB-42 antenna and worked Bear Island, for example.  
W7TUS - Mike
reminded us of our stamp collecting Vets that really like those QSL stamped envelopes.  Mike had a large bag of envelopes donated by KB7JAQ - Scott . Thank you, Scotty!  

W1KSZ - Richard worked Navasa on 160, but still needs Cocos Islands
When WO7V - Jim pulled out his list of DXploits, it became apparant that we could not mention them all on this venue.  You'll have to ask him yourself.  
Our man KB7GAI - Wally reminded us of the
160 Meter SSB contest coming up the 27 Feb - 1 March. 
Yours truly WD7F - John told of greatly improved receive performance on his 75 Meter Loop by changing it from a convinient triangle to a near square.  Live and learn!   
W6XI - Jerry shared some DX pile up tips, very interesting. 

WA7NB - Art said that he worked K1N on 9 bands and captured his 340th.  Congratulations, Art!

Chuck - W6CS reminded us of the Seychelles S79CO DXpedition and here a reference to the very active February and subsequent scheduled activity:  
It was announced by someone that had worked K1N!  
W0LTL - Mike told of fighting noise with his mobile rig for months and tried everything to fix it.  As it turned out, he says, his splices at the battery terminals were not up to his usual standards.  Mike submitted his self depreciating story to QST and should be published in the April issue.  Let's hope it's not an April Fools story!   

With that, the meeting was adjourned for preparation of the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presentation


A video of the K4M Midway Atoll 2009 DXpedition was shown.  
WA7NB - Art attended the DXpedition and related his experiences, good and not so good, before, during and after the event.

It was a nicely done video and concentrated heavily on the environmental issues and actions that have taken place to ensure that the wildlife is preserved on the island.

A point of interest:  The Midway Island Henderson Field runway has been maintained as an emergency landing strip by the 60 or so inhabitants of the atol who are mostly from other Asian countrys, even though it is a U.S. possesion. For example, on June 16, 2011, a Delta 747 with 380 passengers made an emergency landing there and on July 11, 2014, a United 777-200 landed there due to a smoke filled cockpit.

Well, here we go again!  Just how many of these meetings have you missed?  We'll look for you next month! 


Last Meeting
15 January 2015

N6RC - Richard

We had a guest for the evening, N6RC - Richard who has recently moved from California to Tucson in the vicinity of Oracle and Ina.  Richard is a very active DXer and has served as President of the Northern California DX Club.  Welcome to SADXA, Richard.  We hope you will consider joining our group.

Our newly elected President, W1KSZ - Richard opened our meeting with the usual round-table introduction with members' DXploits.  W7TUC - Mike said he nad a very good year with many new countries and band slots.

With his new DB-42 monster STEP-IR antenna in place, W7EXG - Bill has been working stations off of the back side of the antenna thinking it was fantastic and then switching the phase an discovering he was missing out on another 20 dB of signal.  I'm thinking Bill has been having fun, even using a metal detector on a pole to check to see if the tuning of the elements is functioning correctly.   
WO7V - Jim said he has worked new ones including Malta, Bolovia and Iran.
N7WS - Wes worked quite a bit of 160 and snagged the Samoa DXpedition.  He said he was only 12 QSOs away from agetting 28,000 points in the W1AW year long contest.  I wonder if Wes has any time for Annette with that kind of attention being paid to radio.
The Henning Bros, Scott and Andrew said they worked W1AWs and had quite a bit of 12 Meter activity.  
In the 160 Meter contest, W6XI - Jerry worked 480 plus contacts, quite an accomplishment.  Our President W1KSZ - Richard CW-DX wise is standing with 353 countries with 339 current.  He's been busy too. 
KD6XH - Cliff  was busy also, attending TWO DXpeditions which will be the subject of this evenings presentation.

With that, Richard called for a break for preparation for Cliff's presentation.

SADXA Presentation

KD6XH - Cliff  entertained us with his presentation on the two DXpeditions he participated in last year, as 5W0XH on Western Samoa, along with N7CQQ - John and then as W1AW/KH8 on American Samoa.  Even today, some amenities we enjoy here and in most of the world are missing on these islands such as Samoa. Even electric power is not guaranteed and is expensive.  They attempted to license a couple of potential hams on American Samoa but were unsuccessful.  So, it may be a while before that island will be available for DXers.  The only ham on the island has passed, three years ago.  They tried to use his antennas but corrosion has taken its toll. Cliff said that the open air hut below was where they offered as a place for them to stay.  Right.

You missed this one, didn't you? What? Were you afraid you'd be elected to SADXA office?  Chickens! 


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