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November Meeting
20 November 2014

W7RJ - Ron

Look who showed up for the meeting!  It's K5RR - Dick!  Dick has been MIA for quite a while and it was good to see him!  Welcome back, Dick!



Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with a discussion about the Christmas party.  W7TUS - Mike  reiterated the details of the 19 December event and his comments are reflected earlier.  And, it was noted that there are Veterans at the VA hospital who are enthusiastic stamp collectors.  Richard had a stack of envelopes from foreign QSLs to present to Mike.  If you have any stamps from your QSL collection, please give them to Mike for the vets at the hospital.

A discussion concerning a possible donation to the 2016 Bouvet DX peditiion by ON4WW. After our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that the club is solvent, it was decided to donate $50 to the project with a possibility of more when the details and more firm.  

During our DXploits round table discussion,  N7WS - Wes said he had worked KD7XH  - Cliff at the American Samoa DXpedition and worked SP5EAQ - Jacek on Tokelau Island in October.  Jacek spoke to SADXA at the September meeting about his two or three man DXpeditions.  Wes also bragged a bit about his new line of Elecraft . Nice!

And then Cliff said he worked 916 in two days during the Sweepstakes.  Busy, busy, busy!

WA7NB - Art said, along with other things, he had worked 1500 in the recent CW Sweepstakes, had real difficulty with jammers trying to work , a real DX pile-up mess, and needs one more for 340!

W7BBM - John said that he had demonstrated 1296 MHz to W7RJ - Ron at his QTH.  

WO7V - Jim managed to work Tromelin on RTTY and had chased many W1AWs.
In an unrelated to ham radio note, WD7F - John told of watching the Food Network on Monday (no TV night) with the crazy silver spiked hair host doing "Diners and Dives" up in Salt Lake City at the and who should appear?  There were K7RJ - Ron and N7BDZ - Elaine feeding their faces!  How about that?

W1KSZ - Richard said he worked Lord Howe and South Cook Islands and very soon he will have 101 countries on 160!  That is an accomplishment considering the top band these days.!
K7NX - Loyde said he's been busy actually operating and when he went to rotate his beam, it didn't seem to want to move.  He went outside and there on the ground were a few ball bearings.  I guess you could say "He lost his bearings!"
W7EXG - Bill said that "FINALLY", his DB-42 monster antenna is UP!   Part of the evening presentation was photos of the event.  Special thanks to to W7LB - Larry, W7TUS - Mike, N7WS - Wes, W7BBM - John, W1GHF - Rick , WO7V - Jim and K7RJ - Ron.  It was quite a job getting that huge antenna in the air.  Bill says it performs great and having three elements on 40 made it simple to work Italy on 40!

With that, the metting was adjourned and after a short break the evening's presentation began.


October Meeting
16 October 2014

W7RJ - Ron

N7BDZ - Elaine

We have TWO new member of SADXA, K7RJ - Ron and N7BDZ - Elaine, who have been guests at SADXA in the past and have joined us.  The moved to Tucson a while back and we are happy to say "Welcome to SADXA!"


Our meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard , starting with W7TUS - Mike explaining that the SADXA Christmas was to be at our normal party place, , and it to be catered Italian.  The cost is $15 per person, guests or members. Please pay W7LB - Larry sooner rather than later.  Bring appetizers if you desire and BYOB is you wish adult beverages.  Soda and water will be provided. And don't forget the White Elephant gift exchange.  Hams bring an ham radio gift, XYLs and significant others, bring something appropriate.  Editors Note:  Booze is nice!

Next we had a discussion of a possible donation to a 10 Meter Repeater project spearheaded by KD7UIZ - Don of the .  After much discussion of the matter it was voted that the matter would be tabled until the project was actually beyond the idea stage where it will be considered again.

The DXploits Round Table was started and there was a request for an antenna mounting event by W7EXG - Bill  on Monday, 21 October at 8:30 AM at his qth.  If you can help with his giant DB-42, please contact Bill.

Our newest member, K7RJ - Ron said that he had good luck with 40 meter CW and a 40 meter dipole, considering he hasn't had time to put up big gun antennas.

N7BDZ - Elaine related a story of how she had put together one of the gingerbread house kits and when it was complete, noticed that something was missing.  So, she constructed a Yagi antenna from toothpicks and what-have-you, added it to the house.  It looked so good she took a picture and sent it to QST magazine.  They published it in the December issue of 2009.  However, it's not in the on-line archives.

During the course of the round table, KB7GAI - Wally mentioned talking to a colorful amateur radio character, WA1HLR - Timtron, resulting in several stories.  WA1BZQ - Bruce recently visited Timtron at his shack in Maine and has pictures of Tim's shack.  You can find them at

W7TUS - Mike said he had worked several new countries followed by W6XI - Jerry advising that the bands are open if you are on early.  He has worked SK8 and VK4 on 6 meters and with the upcoming CQ World Wide contest it's possible to work DXCC during the event. 

W7CS - Chuck  attended the Austin Ham BBQ this year plus he has a 2 meter antenna for sale, a 28 foot boom, suitable for EME and the price is right.  See Chuck for details.

The WARC bands have been good, so says WO7V - Jim

Our VP, N7WS - Wes had a list of accomplishments and countries so long that it can't possibly be listed here. See Wes for more details! 

Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry says that we have $2025.78 in the treasury and to please pay for the Christmas Party as soon as possible.

As mentioned last month, KD6XH -Cliff is going to participate in the Western Samoa and the American Samoa DXpedition as 5W0XH, in November. Be on the lookout!

AB7AA - Bill was proud to tell us that his XYL, Laura , had managed to get her extra in just four months and has AB7BB.  How cool is that? She is enamored with the digital modes and won the Rookie Roundup in August.  Bill also said that he was listening to and especially the .  The announcer said something like "the prefrerred method of communications" and it played the Fortys on Four  in CW.  How about that?

Finally, W0LTL - Mike has came across a bunch of estate equipment and has disposed of quite a bit of it.  However, he still has Johnson 300W matchboxes, an FT-718, 2/440 gear, power supplies, anetnnas and other stuff.  He said the XYL and he were finding radios and equipment under the bed and elsewhere.  Where else would you keep it?

With that, the meeting was adjourned!

The Chief Enforcement Officer says "If you missed this one, you missed a good one.  Now, don't let it happen again or you'll pay the consequences!"

September Meeting
18 September 2014

WA7NB - Art

We have a new member of SADXA.  Welcome to WA7NB - Art who has officially joined us.  I'm sure that Art will be a great asset to the club.  We're glad to have you, Art !

W7VX - Chuck

W7VX - Chuck has attended several SADXA meetings and we are happy to say "Welcome to SADXA, Chuck!"  We're glad you decided to sign up! 


K6LUL - Dan

We had a guest for the evening, K6LUL - Dan, who says that he had been out of ham radio for decades, has retrieved his old call and is back in it again.  We hope to see you again at the SADXA again, Dan!  Welcome back to ham radio!!


W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by reminding us of the SADXA picnic at the Colonia Verde Club House Saturday, telling us that there'll be a handheld radio drawing prize.  W7TUS - Mike is responsible for making the picnic happen.  Thanks Mike!

Our man N7BXX - Gail said he has been getting his KWM-2 back in shape and not been very active lately due to the monsoon season.  KB7GAI - Wally   has been chasing the W1AWs and even worked the W1AW/7 AM station this session, as did your web page editor.
K0SBV - Carl told us of an informal group of Broadcast and Long Wave Listening enthusiasts consisting of  a dozen or so folks from Tucson and the Phoenix area who meet every few weeks at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Casa Grande.  Contact Carl if you are interested.
Our newest member WA7NB - Art told us that he has 2300 points in the DXCC Challenge Cup. He said that the Canton Island T31R dxpedition had been cancelled and rescheduled for 2015.  It seems that the T31M had also been cancelled and folks had assumed that it was a clash between the groups.  Art said that was NOT the case.  You can find it all over the web if you're interested.  He related that the indicators of band conditions on the web are not always on the mark and we should be patient and make the CQ calls.  You might be surprised.
W7LB - Larry, our Secretary/Treasurer reported that we have approximately $1700 in the club treasurery and $200 or so in the petty cash fund.  We are solvent.  He also said it's time to pay the SADXA dues.  Everybody pony up!
KD6XH -Cliff is going to participate in the Western Samoa and the American Samoa DXpedition as 5W0XH, in November.  We'll be looking for a presentation on that event, Cliff.  
KB7AZ - Carl has been busy on RTTY with six new countries and 200 contacts in the  RTTY contest.  Good job, Carl.  And, finally, W7EXH - Bill says his StepIR DB-42 is ready to put on the tower.  Good luck to Bill!  And at that, our president dismissed us in preparation for the evening's presentation.

Our Vice President N7WS - Wes introduced our guest speaker for the evening, SP5EAQ - Jacek a Polish ham operator who has made several "Suitcase DXpeditioins".  Jacek showed us some interesting pictures of the places that he has had his mini-DXpeditions in the Pacific area.  He said the one of the hardest places to get from Poland is the Pacific island stations.   So, he decided to visit those places and has done so with enthusiasm and has made large numbers of QSOs considering.  He explained that the hardest part of a dxpeditions was logistics.  Early planning was very important, however, sometimes the travel arrangements are difficult and some DXpeditioners have been stranded for months due to the insecuritys of travel, expecially by boat.  Jacek said that he will be operating as ZK3Q along with SP5ES - Marcin, on Tokelau Island for approximately 3 weeks starting on or about 9 October 2014, soon!  Be on the lookout.  Click the logo below.  It was an enjoyable presentation, Jacek!



August Meeting
21 August 2014

K3TYE - Joe

KJ7OG - Steve

K7RJ - Ron

N7BDZ - Elaine
There was quite a crowd at the meeting and we had four guests.  Here's hoping we see more of them in the future.  It appeared that they had a pretty good time! A special welcome to Ron and Elaine who moved to Tucson recently.  I'm sure you'll be good for the Tucson ham radio community!


Our Vice President,  N7WS - Wes , opened the meeting by explaining that the September meeting, which was to be a social meeting, was going to have a presentation by SP5EAQ as mentioned above.  W7TUS - Mike mentioned the picnic and recommended that the members pay W7LB prior to the picnic if at all possible.  It was questioned if the attendees should bring anything and the answer is yes, if you want.  See the flier here:    W7LB - Larry told us that the cost is only 5 bucks per member and that's a bargain.  He also said that our club finances are good. 

Wes then started our round table of the members DXploits.  Most complained about the poor band conditions, however as usual, our big DXer, K7NN -  Don said that he had worked 85 countries during the last month.  What are we doing wrong? WA7NB - Art said he had good luck with 24 Mhz which had been open pretty regularly.  He also said that he was scheduled to make a "Podcast" with K4CDN on You-Tube concerning his DXpedition activities, noting that he wasn't sure what it was all about, but you can see here that it should be an interesting:   Keep us informed, Art.  The W7EXG saga with the big StepIR DB-42 may be nearing the end in September, according to Bill.
KD6XH - Cliff is heading out soon for an American Samoa DXpedition.  We'll be looking forward to a presentation when he returns. KB7AZ - Carl is working on DXCC on digital.  W7TUS - Mike says his activity has been mosly catching up on QSLs.

W7CS - Chuck told us that he has a 33' StepIR vertical up now.  

N7WS - Wes mentioned the low SADXA interest in the W1AW/7 QSO party for Arizona coming soon and the lack of sign ups.  Based on that, NQ7R - Tom said that he will relinquish some of his slots on the schedule to anyone that would like to work a slot even though they had not signed up.  Here's the schedule.  Just contact Tom if you're interested. Tom also mentioned that has been doing the W1AWs and has worked 12 EME contacts and 4 new countries.
KJ7OG - Steve said he had worked the recent 10 GHz contest and worked 'em all.  I believe he said five (5) was the number. Hi hi! Found this picture of him from a hamfest some time back!
Our guest, K7RJ - Ron said that he had been experimenting with LASER pointers and LEDs as a communications medium and had found that coherent light such as a LASER did not work as well as incoherent light sources such as a LED.  Interesting.  Maybe we need a future presentation by Ron, no?

With that, our VP dismissed the meeting in preparation for the evening's presentation.

NQ7R - Tom's part of the presentation explained how meteor scatter works and demonstrated some of the software used in conjuction with the various bands and modes.   After a few minutes of his presentation, we adjourned to the parking lot where K7NX - Lloyd with some assistance from KW7RS - Rolly set up a mobile meteor scatter station on the back of his truck with a nice quick setup 6-meter yagi.  Pictures below.  We had to dodge a few rain drops, but it was great and we attracted some attention of nearby civilians.  For a while, we thought the police helicopter was investigating the activity but they flew on after circling Jason's Deli or thereabouts!

How often have I said, "If you missed this presentation, you missed a good one!  You should be ashamed!"?

Not to brag, but some of these individual pictures turned out great!

July Meeting

17 July 2014

N6CW - Terry

We had a returning guest from San Diego, N6CW - Terry, who came to the meeting as a guest of W6XI - Jerry.  He came to attend the Tucson Summer Ham Fest coming up Saturday.


Our President, W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with a discussion of the Fall Picnic and then opened it up to the members for the introductions and DXploits.  KW7CD - Cornell was pleased that he had worked UA9KW.  Our 6-meter aficionado W6XI - Jerry told us of the 2014 WRTC, World Radio Team Championship, a competition between two-person teams of amateur radio operators testing their skills to make contacts with other Amateur Radio operators around the world over a 24 hour period. This year it was held in Westbourogh, Mass.  These are serious operators and the rules are tight.   Our guest, N6CW - Terry said he had an interesting experience, working from the East coast and hearing all the European activity that they enjoy.  Someone mentioned, "Well, we can work JA's!"  Yeah right!

NQ7R - Tom told of chasing the W1AW portables and had worked the 13 Colonies Special event resulting in a nice certificate: Good job, Tom.
K7NX - Lloyd said he had tried his hand at the digital paint drying mode, JT-65 and had worked 5 contacts and had a nice nap during the event. He also brought this for Show & Tell:  
W1Giant Happy Face - Rick  is still struggling with his Force 13 XR6C antenna...still waiting.  WD7F - John reminded the membership that here is a Member Publications section on the SADXA website and for anyone publishing ham radio items should submit them for the website.  Our man KC0ORD - Mike told us that he is about to become the owner of a new call:  W7TUS  He said that the 1X2 calls are just about impossible to come by.  Sounds good, Mike. 

W7EXG - Bill is about ready to mount his DB42 300 pound Steppir monster in place and might be operational next month.  W7LB - Larry , our Secretary/Treasurer reported that we have 45 paid members and $1529 in the treasury.  He's looking for an appropriate winch capable of tipping over his tower and has destroyed a couple to date, winches, that is.  Any ideas, anyone?  Of course, K7NN - Don was up to his usual and woked 60 countrys last month.  Don, why are we not surprised?  KD7UIZ - Don said not to forget the Tucson Summer Hamfest this coming Saturday at the Golden Corral restaurant area on 22nd and Columbus.

We are sad to say that N7UQ - Chuck is going to be moving to Huntsville, Alabama since his XYL, KD7ODC - Tammy has been presented with a lucrative promotion at Raytheon, but they must move.  Chuck say they may not return. We're sorry to see you guys go.  Stay in contact.  Finally, KG7IRJ - Paul announced that he has upgraded to Extra.  Congratulations, Paul, good job!

The meeting was adjourned to prepare for the evening's presentation.


Our VP, N7WS - Wes  started off the evening's presentation with an introduction of W7BBM - John, AKA W7JM - EME , explaining how he has known John for over40 years and their interest in the presentation topic since 1973.

John Molloy is a pioneer in the meteor& tropospheric scatter and has developed methods of communication ranging from 6 meters to 2304 MHz, working his way up from huge, multiple yagi arrays to building his own 10 meter dish from scratch, building whatever he needed as he went along.    These were formatable projects that he took on over the years, and some of them were "They said it couldn't be done!" and John just made it happen anyway. 

Folks, this was a great presentation.  You shoulda' been there!

N7BXX - Gail  SADXA Chief Enforcement Officer

June Meeting

19 June 2014


W1KSZ - Richard opened our meeting with a discussion of whether or not we would have a summer picnic this year.  It was decided that we would, indeed. Once again, KC9ORD - Mike  has volunteered to make it happen.  It was decided that we would have out picnic at the Colonia Verde Club House the weekend of 20 September and the exact day depending on whether the house will be available on what day.  Mike will be collecting a $5 per member fee at the August meeting.  We will have a page on the SADXA website where people can decide what they will bring.  More info will be available later.  W0LTL - Mike will attempt to reserve the place for the 20th.  And, Mike said that his FLEX 6500 is purring like a kitten now.

During it round table introductions and tales of DXploits, it was apparent that the bands have been pretty poor lately.  However, the true DX aficionados will always find activity.  For example, W6XI - Jerry,  managed to snag 225 QSOs during the June VHF contest, NQ7R - Tom gained a dozen 2-meter grid squares, worked 30 countries on the digital mode JT-65.  K7NX - Lloyd worked 60 on meteor scatter.  How about this?  K7NN - Don had 200 on 6-meters in the VHF contest and worked 62 countries this month!  Don could write a book on DXing, if he hasn't already.  

KB7KZ - Carl was busy grabbing several new ones with 151 so far, however, he told this unbeliveable story.  It seems that he sold a linear amp to W1KSZ - Richard and was paid $500 with a stack of twenty-five $20 bills.  He said he had taken $100 from the stack and left it unattended.  When he came back, he noticed that there were just a couple in the stack, but, there on the floor was a lone twenty with what appeared to be holes from teeth? Investigation revealed that a greyhound that Carl "rescued" had  decided to make a meal of that stack of 20s!  Can you believe that with much patience and due diligence he managed to salvage all of them?  He he took the remnants to a bank and they refused them but another bank took them.  What a story!  Hand sanitizer, anyone?

KE7WSV - Art says that he came outside after a bit of wind and the top section of his SteppIR Sky Needle vertical had fell down.  There is a fiberglass collar that holds the top section and the expoxy had failed after three years or so in the Arizona sun.  He was told by the boys at SteppIR to use hose clamps to fix it.  Hmmmm. 

Speaking of SteppIR, W7EXG - Bill has been working his antenna project, a SteppIR DB-42, the one with a 42 foot boom and 250 pounds, not counting the mount.  He says that he's going to need 4 men and a strong boy to help him move into position.  Any volunteers?

And finally, WA7NB - Art , who made the Juan Fernandez Island DXpedition presentation last March, said that he is to participate in the Central Kiribati DXpedition scheduled for November 2014.  Only 25 people live on Kanton Island so the participants are going to live on a 50 foot boat.  That should be fun, no?  We'll look forward to a presentation sometime next year.

With that, the meeting was dismissed for a short break and the evening's presentation.


N7WS - Wes our Vice President, gave us an interesting presentation on the evolution of some tools that hams use for analysis of their antennas and transmission lines.  Good job, Wes.
I'd say that if you missed this evenings meeting, you missed a good one.  When are you going to learn?

Of course, I take a lot of pictures and when I want to document my presence,  N7BXX - Gail usually takes mine.  After all that, guess who's picture I failed to take.  Oh well, there's my favorite picture that I've taken of Gail and here it is!

N7BXX - Gail  SADXA Chief Enforcement Officer

May Meeting

15 May 2014

W7JM - John
Welcome to our newest member, W7JM - John, an avid microwave EME fan.  Last month, we saw a picture of his 10 meter dish.  Glad you joined us, John!

KG7JQV - Laura N2DXC - Ray

SADXA welcomes KG7JQV - Laura, a General Class operator just licensed this past March.  Also attending for the first time was N2DXC - Ray.  We hope you both consider becoming a member of SADXA.    


The meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard, explaining that there would be no presentation after the meeting and we would have the usual round table introduction and DXploits and urged everyone to tell the members of any projects or if they might have acquired any new "toys".

Secretary/Treasurer, W7LB - Larry spoke of his continuing antenna building saga and  informed us that the treasury was in good condition with $1680 in the bank and approximately $130 cash on hand.  There are 44 members with a few who have not paid their dues thus far.
KD7CD -  Cornell said that he has been successfully doing 20 Meter mobile operation using his car as the radiating element and the short vertical he is holding as the counterpoise. I'm not sure how that works.  He has been having a blast.  He also informed us that SADXA member AD7RZ - Mike has skipped town and moved to California.  Sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodby and good luck. 
Yours truly, WD7F - John,  told of working KM4RC - "Fifi", a restored B-29 WW2 vintage bomber flying between it's home near Ft. Worth, Addison, TX, and Prescott, AZ on 40 meter AM (7.293).  KM4RC is the CAF B-24/B-29 Squadron Amateur Radio Club call.  The operator, K3NT - Bob Kirby was in the radioman position running the infamous Collins ART-13 with the first auto antenna tuner and listening on a BC-348 from about 26,000 feet.  He worked several stations in Arizona during the flight.  Click the logo and it will take you to the website.  Fun!

And, when it became AB7AA - Bill's turn to tell of his DXploits, he said that he and Laura had both had a ride in Fifi !!!  How appropriate! 

KD7UIZ - Don told of an upcoming ham swapmeet at the Golden Corral on 19 July 2014.  Our AZ Repeater Coordinator KD6XH - Cliff pointed out that the Williams Ham Fest was on that same weekend.  Not a problem for those in Tucson who choose not to go to Williams.  He also pointed out that the Coconiño County ordinance against operating while driving would not be enforced by the state.  They are working to change the law, according to Cliff.  
W1GHF - Rick said he has a new 6 - 20 meter Force 12 beam antenna.  W1KSZ - Richard said he had received LOTW confirmation of Amsterdam Island for 80 thru 10 meters.  Good job!  And then KC9ORD - Mike said he had 10 new countries in March, however only one since.  Conditions have been pretty poor.
NQ7R - Tom has 7 new grids on 2 meters meteor scatter and is close to VUCC.  
Here's a good one!  K7NN - Don says that he received a QSL card from V85CQ - Brunei and it was from a QSO in 1994!!  Don has 308 countries on 12 and 328 on 17.  That's serious DXing on WARC!
W7CS - Chuck says that he hadn't worked much DX, however, he still has a couple of QRO amplifiers for sale.  Several members said they had chased the W1AW QSO parties around including W07V - Jim , KG7IRJ - Paul , N7BXX - Gail and N7WS - WES .  Paul said he had worked a special event station V25N - Antigua (click card) and Jim mentioned the upcoming CQWW CW Contest on Memorial Day weekend, his favorite.  The Henning brothers, KB7JAQ - Scott and KF7EZJ - Andrew had both worked Chile on 6 meters. The rest of the members had very little DXing luck over the last month.  

After a bit more discussion, Richard dismissed the meeting.  See you in June!

I may have mentioned this before, but, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.

April Meeting
17 April 2014

W7JM - John

One of our guests for the evening was W7JM - John, an avid EME pioneer who has an impressive record on 10 GHz - VUCC and 2 Meter WAS as well.  This was accomplished in the 80s.  Checkout the home built 10 meter dish! 

W7AH - JIM KM7N - Adam

Welcome to W7AH - Jim and KM7N - Adam, both of Tucson.  We hope you become members of SADXA.  Thanks for coming!


Our President, W1KSZ - Richard, brought the meeting to order with the introduction of our guest speaker for the evening AA7A - Ned Stearns, who has made several presentations of his activity with the dxpedition group.

To begin his program, Ned briefed us on the results of the March Arizona QSO party and said that Arizona did quite well completing over 50,000 QSOs, third highest of the states.  We're hoping for a bit more participation in the second round for Arizona in August.

Editors Note:  Our members, N7CL - Eric
and N7BXX - Gail operated 160 meter CW at the QTH of K7EWE - Jim.  Some pictures of the operation can be seen at Just click the AM logo!

For years, the group had made expeditions to countries in Africa, none of which were easy considering third world conditions, politics and expense.  This time, they decided to do something different and combined a vacation and a DXpedition to Cypress.  After vacatiioning in Greece and Cyprus, they sent their wives home and continued to the DXpedition site.  As you can see, conditions were not so bad.  Shown below the picture of the grouup are comments from the VooDoo webpage.

Despite the African years being over, we always maintained that the Voodoo spirit would live on. For CQ WW CW in November 2013, a team operated in the Multi/2 High Power category from Cyprus, call-sign P3F. Many thanks to Bob 5B4AGN and his XYL Karen for making it possible and so comfortable.

We operated a Multi/2 set up – the two American ‘dudes (Ned AA7A and Lee KY7M) shared one radio and operated 160, 80, 20, 10 and some 20m. The other radio was shared by English ‘dudes Roger G3SXW and John G4IRN, operating 15, 40 and the remaining 20m. Operational and motivational support was provided by Bob 5B4AGN and XYL Karen.

Here are a few pictures of the operations depicting the hardships endured along with the results!

Once again, thank you Ned Stearns for a great presentation.  We look forward to the next one!

Not being one to exaggerate, but I've told you a million times, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.  Where the heck were you?


March Meeting
20 March 2014

WO7P - Don

Here's a guy we haven't seen in a while.  Glad you made it to the meeting, Don.  Hope to see you more often!


Our meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard with the usual "Around the Room" introductions and DXploits.  Most of the activity during the month revolved around the W1AW/7 Centennial QSO Party the week of the 11th. and word has it that Arizona did well.   Our man KC9ORD - Mike related how he had enjoyed his W1AW/7 stint and that during the month he had worked four new countries.  And, he worked San Andres & Providencia, Antarctica and the Shetland Islands via a single Russian operator, UA4WHV - Vlad who travels extensively.  How convienient!

W7VX - Chuck said he was gathering hardware for the K - 24GHz, Q - 47 GHz and W - 78 GHz bands, very small wavelengths with a problem being the expense of obtaining parts with little surplus equipment available.   
NQ7R - Tom worked three modes with 3,258 QSOs over the week. He worked a couple of "stans",  Takikistan and Kyrgyzstan. With about 55 hours in the chair, talk about a sore derrière!  Good job, Tom!  On a further note concerning W1AW/7, Tom received this e-mail: 

From: Jeffrey Guenther


Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 5:09 PM

Subject: AZ  


I wanted to say to-date, the AZ team has done the best job with the W1AW!   I even worked AZ on 160 meters, for which my station is not well equipped.  

Please thank everyone for their great effort.  

Jeffrey - KA2BKG

Bel Air, MD


Our VP, N7WS - Wes said he worked 20 meter RTTY every day of the week and at times it was a bit boring.  The same occured with N7BXX - Gail saying that on 10 meter phone the first day, he worked over 400, but the next day, it was very slow and at times hard to stay awake.  N7CL - Eric and Gail operated 160 CW a couple of nights over at K7EWE - Jim's QTH in the Picture Rocks area on his 160 station and it was the same way, slooow!  Thanks, Jim.
KB7GAI - Wally , KB7JAQ - Scotty and KF7EZJ - Andrew all had good times on 10 meters last month with lots of openings.  Finally, our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry   said that the two donations to the
and had been given.  With that, preparation was made for the evening's presentation.

Our VP introduced WA7NB - Art Blank, who gave an enjoyable slide presentation of the DXpedition to the Juan Fernandez Islands, on November 8th thru 20th of 2013 with a crew consisting of three Italians, a German, a Dutchman, a Polak, a Spaniard, a Chilian of Italian extract  and finally, Art. The second largest island, Robinson Crusoe, is located about 400 miles off the coast of Chile. The true story of the sailor Alexander Selkirk, a castaway marooned on the island in 1704, gave inspiration to Daniel Defoe the author of Robinson Crusoe, hence, the name Isla Robinson Crusoe. They worked 59, 311 with 17,969 unique calls, quite an accomplishment for a small team of operators with limited antennas and a mountain on the European side of them. Art was the only English as a Primary Language operator, however, he said he speaks German and Spanish as well, so no problem. 

Well, once more I have to say, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.  When are you no-shows going to show up?

A good turnout.  Why weren't you here?

Gail, why did you take this?

February Meeting
20 February 2014

K0JJL - Jim

KG7IRJ - Paul

Last meeting, our guest for the evening included K0JJL - Jim and his XYL, Marlene.  Jim has decided to join SADXA, so, welcome to SADXA, Jim! And, one of last month's guests was Paul who since then has taken his test and is now KG7IRJ.  Contratulations to you, Paul.  Welcome to ham radio!

Another guest of WO7V - Jim and K7JHE - Jeanette was Dessa.  Welcome to SADXA.  We hope you get interested in amateur radio and join the club!


KC9ORD - Mike

Contratulations to KC9ORD - Mike who is now an extra class operator.  He says he's looking for a 1X2 call now.  Good luck on that, Mike!


N7BXX - Gail opened the meeting with an explanation  and discussion of the ARRL Centennial QSO Party coming up for Arizona the week of 12 March.  He explained that we would be placing a link on SADXA to a web page where our members can sign up for operator slots, selecting the day, time, band and mode that they would like to operate.  Since we are sharing the time slots with other Arizona clubs, e.g., the Arizona Outlaws, the local RST, NADXA, CADXA and the Thunderbirds, it is imparitive that we pay attention to the schedule.  He said it should be a blast to be on the receiving end of 49 other states trying to snag Arizona at any given time.  (Editor's note:  There will be a link on the left side of the page soon)

The President, W1KSZ - Richard    continued with the official business and started with the round table introductions with news of any DX activity.  Overall, there was plenty of DX activity with a few notables such as W6CXI - Jerry saying that although 6 meters seems dead, he had worked five ZL's and a VK4 and he now has 179 countries on 160!  was a hot item for DX and several had worked that DXpedition.  N7WS - Wes had worked them on 80 thru 15, W1KSZ - Richard had worked them 80 thru 10, and of course KC9ORD - Mike said he had worked the same and at least two more than Wes.  WO7V - Jim had also worked Amsterdam Island on 80 thru 17.  NQ7R - Tom mentioned that the   last district DXpeditioin to YA-38 had taken place last year.  If you're interested, click the logo.  On a lighter note, W0LTL - Mike told a story of how he had put his telescope on Craig's List and a guy responded and wondered if he would trade for a pair of Kenwood Twins and some other assorted ham hardware.  Mike agreed to trade him and it turns out the he knew the guy when he was a ham back in the late 70's.  It's a small world.

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that our finances were good.  From there it was moved by Richard that we give a donation of $250 to the   since they support so many DXpeditions.  And he also moved that $250 be donated to the DXpedition.  Both were seconded and were approved by the membership.  

The meeting was then ajourned for the evening presentation.

KD6HX - Cliff Hauser   gave the evening's presentation of the Banaba Island T33A DXpedition last year.  It was not the most accomodating setting for DX operating in that everything, including food and water had to be brought in, even though there were a couple hundred natives living there.  The natives have no electricity and no potable water or any fresh water wells. The eat mostly fish and some tropical tree fruit.  The soil will not raise any significant vegetables, so food of that sort has to be boated in.  For the DXers, it made it pretty rough.  A two day ride from Figi to  and from the island in an uncomfortable rust bucket didn't help either.

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times?  If you missed this one, you missed a good one.  (Of course I'm not exaggerating!)

January Meeting
16 January 2014



K0JJL - Jim

XYL - Marlene

We had three guests for the evening, K0JJL - Jim and XYL - Marlene from Sierra Vista.  We also had a prospective ham as a guest. Paul said he had held a Novice years back but had let it expire. He's going to take his Technician test soon.

Welcome to SADXA and we hope you consider becoming a member of the club! 


W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by thanking our man KC9ORD - Mike for the excellent job he did in organizing our 2013 Christmas Party.   Editors note: There's a new Christmas Partys link.  Thanks Mike! Our round table discussion showed that there were many new contries worked even though the DX had been slow as of lately.  W6XI - Jerry said he had added to his 160 meter countries worked and now has 177.  That's quite an accomplishment on the Top Band!  Jerry also mentioned that TEP has not been supportative in dealing with RFI, primarily because they have no one qualified.  He urged all of us to make sure and call TEP  with their problems so that they will have to pay attention and do something as they have said they will do.  Editors note:  There is a number on the left side of the page for the TEP representative Scott Dickerson.  Call him!

KW7CD - Cornell had been experimenting with a 3 foot, 20 meter mobile antenna and had made several DX contacts with his small antenna.  N7BXX - Gail mentioned the W1AW Centennial QSO party and said he had worked four of the W1AW Portable Operating stations scheduled to operate in all the states over this year.  He passed around a sign-up sheet for the members to  operate in the Centennial Points Challenge as a SADXA entity for the entire year. The event should give operators to score WAS easily.

Congratulations go to WA1BZQ - Bruce and KD7UIZ - Don who upgraded to Extra class recently.  Good job guys, now what is your next challenge? It took only 47 years for Bruce to upgrade from Advance to Extra!  

In addition to scoring  #1 in the recent 10-10 International Sprint contest for the 7-Zone and the World, N7UQ - Chuck scored over 400,000 points in the December 10 Meter Contest.   Results are pending.  K7NN - Don worked 100 countries in December alone.  Pretty good, huh?  And you say you ain't got DXCC?  Guilty as charged.  Publishing is out of business and if you have back issues coming, you probably are out of luck, said  W7SWL - Bob .  CQ's publications are being combined and will be a web only magazine. 

Congratulations to all three SADXA Club Officers.  They were all re-elected for another year in office.  Thanks to W1KSZ - Richard, N7WS - Wes and W7LB - Barry for your SADXA support!

With that, the meeting was adjourned and preparations were made for N7WS - Wes to make his presentation for   

Did you miss this one?  You should be ashamed!

KW7CD has a new camera.

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