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November Meeting
21 November 2013

K7NN - Don

YL - Kim

Welcome to our newest member, Don and his guest, Kim.  Don was responsible for the birth of SADXA way back in 1983.  We're glad to have you!

Our Club President W1KSZ - Richard ;-) opened the meeting with announcments about the next meeting and the Christmas party followed by the round table introductions.
K7NX - Lloyd said he has a hi-pot tester that will test high power tubes and air variable capacators plus a tube tester that will test 3-500Zs, 4-400s and others.  He will be happy to test your components for you.  Just contact him at and he'll tell you all about it.
NQ7R - Tom had a good three months of DXing, maybe the best he ever had and picked up several new ones including D3 Angola.  He also has a few commemorative Dayton envelopes he'll gladly sell you. 
One of our own, N7UQ - Chuck has been missing in action for some time!  He said that he scored #1 in the recent 10-10 International Sprint contest for the 7-Zone and the World.  Congratulations Chuck and welcome back!  Oh, by the way, he did the same thing last year!  Way to go, Chuck!
KB7GAI - Wally said that he also had enjoyed good DX over the past month or so. (Editors note:  I heard Wally on his recently Oro Valley Sqap Meet acquired Yaesu FT-101 on 10 and 40 meter AM and it sounds great!)

N7BXX - Gail proposed a year long contest to celebrate the ARRL Centennial coming up in 2014.  Possibly, club members might contribute a small agreed upon amount to a pot at the end of the year, winner take all.  See Gail for details.

Hee's yet another who said he had been having fun DXing, WO7V - Jim , snagging a good one or two, including Swaziland on 30 meters.  WA1BZQ - Bruce said that he has been studying for his Extra test to take place at the next VE session.  He hasn't taken an FCC test since his Advanced back in the 60s.  Good luck Bruce, and it's about time!  Better late than never!
W6XI - Jerry has scored 5 new ones on 160 meters and has 175 countries.  That's quite an accomplishment on theTOP BAND.
KC9ORD - Mike was missing, however, our President reported that Mike had worked Bangladesh on 3 bands, Phone and RTTY.  Good job, Mike.  We missed you.
W7LB - Larry gave his treasury report and we have $2035 with $86 in petty cash.  Please pay him in advance for the Christmas party.
Finally our VP, N7WS - Wes  said he had worked T33 and W8A, and was asked by W8A, American Samoa, to spot him on the web.  He said it lit up like a Christmas tree when he entered the spot and it was a good thing he had snagged him early.

Our President then dismissed the meeting in preparation for our evenings presentation Togo DXpedition 2010 by the Itaiians.  Looks like they had a good time of it. <Click Logo>

You know the drill "If you missed the meeting, you shoulda' been there!" 


 October Meeting
17 October 2013

At 18:15, our President W1KSZ - Richard called the meeting to order.  
Old Business:
  Many thanks to K5RR - Dick  for the use of his home, KF7EZJ - Andrew and KB7JAQ - Scotty for their skill at the grill and to KC9ORD - Mike for organizing the First Annual Fall Picnic.

Treasurer report Our treasurer, W7LB - Larry reported that SADXA has $1,800 in bank.  The Fall Picnic cost the club about $40 net. The club is in good shape financially.

Christmas Party:  KC9ORD - Mike said this year's party will be Sunday Dec 15th @ 4PM.  It will be held at the usual location (Mike Z's community Rec center - check SADXA web site for map and details).  RSVP by Dec 13th.  Catering will be Italian by


WO7V - Jim worked Sable Island, TX5D, Solomon Islands and others.  Has a new Alpha 9500 Amp!

KB7AZ - Carl : received his award. Congratulations Carl!

N7WS - Wes worked all the countries that everyone else worked plus more and just received a QSL card from a 1999  QSO.

W0LTL - Mike worked the Juno Satellite.

W6XI - Jerry says he worked twice what Wes worked.

W7CS - Chuck attended the annual 6Mtr Bar-B-Q in Austin TX, and finally......

Tom NQ79 - Tom talked about getting an IOTA award.

At 1900, the meeting was closed to prepare for a video of the 3D2C 2012 Conway Reef DXpedition.

As the editor has said before, "If you missed the meeting, you shoulda' been there!"  Oops!  The editor missed it !!!!



 September Meeting
19 September 2013
K5RR - Dick (SADXA Picnic Host)

Our meeting this month was basically a with just a little radio talk plus a bit of "show-n-tell"  Above is a picture of our host for Saturday's picnic and BBQ.  Thanks for inviting us to your QTH for our picnic, Dick!

W1KSZ - Richard,  , SADXA President, opened the meeting with the usual introductions all around and again, DX conditions were rather poor.  A couple of the group unhooks for the monsoon season so they were inactive.  Richard told us about his 160 Meter Flag Antenna that he had constructed and the jury was out as far as results were concerned.

Welcome back to KW7CD - Cornell  who has been in rehabilitation after back surgery.  He looks like he's on the mend.
W7CS - Chuck showed us a couple of items from his EME setup, a very serious coaxial relay and a home brew X-Band converter.  See pictures below.  Another prodigal son showed up, not attending a meeting since May 0f 2012.  It's about time   W7VX - Chuck!


So, we all enjoyed the meal, the camaraderie and are eagerly awaiting Saturday afternoon for the SADXA picnic.   Except for KD7TMX - Cliff, he left early, said he was going to go someplace where it was good to eat!

WA1BZQ - Bruce

KF7EZJ - Andrew

KB7JAQ - Scotty

KC9ORD - Mike

K7NX - Lloyd

W6SCC - Barry

KD7TMX - Cliff

WO7V - Jim

N7BXX - Gail

W6XI - Jerry

NQ7R - Tom

W7LB - Larry

W1GHF - Rick

W0LTL - Mike (Tell us a story!)

WD7F - John


 August Meeting
15 Aug 2013

K7ON - George

N7GLX - Janice

A hearty welcome to the two guests for the evening!  George and Janice are from Scottsdale. They operate using dipole anennas suspended in the pine trees that they planted years ago.  George reports that as the trees grow, he hoists the antennas a little highter every couple of years.

The President,  W1KSZ - Richard, opened the meeting with the usual introductions all around and it was apparent that there was not much DX.

K7NX - Lloyd, reported making some 2-meter Perseid meteor shower contacts, including one with Indiana, using FSK441.
NQ7R - NQ7R, reported on his quest for personal operating challenges.  One of his latest in tallying the number of miles worked for the year.  A prolific operator, he's into the millions of miles.  

With that, the meeting was closed and a break was taken to set up for the evening's presentation.

"The video captured the planning and organization phases, the non-stop pileups, humor and local animal life -- as well as incredible footage of team members climbing the mountain.  In all my experience, this was the most physically difficult DXpedition of all."  

Editor's Note:  Sorry I missed the meeting and the presentation.  I plan on being there for the next one.  Pictures from the meeting were taken by our VP, N7WS - Wes.   Thanks Wes!


July Meeting

18 July 2013

Dominique - XYL

Kathy - XYL

We had two special guests for the evening, Dominique, XYL of KW7CD - Cornell and Kathy, XYL of AD7RZ - Mike.  Welcome to SADXA, ladies!  Pictures of the couples are shown below.

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with the standard introductions all around with any DXploites they might have experienced.  Richard mentioned that he had worked K4N on the Dry Tortugas, a rare grid square - EL84 on 6 Meters.  He said that he was working on an N4IS 160 Meter Flag Antenna design such as was the subject of last month's presentation by Ned Stearns - AA7A.

 KW7CD - Cornell managed to collect quite a few contacts on his 20 meter home brew 2 element yagi, mostly from Russia and  ex-Soviet countries, e.g., the Slovenia, Czech and Slovak Repulics, Croatia, Lituuania,  and others.  An accomplishment considering the conditions of the bands lately.

KE7YTE - Tom said that he had worked YL2TQ - Latvia on 20 CW - 5 watt QRP with a Buddy Pole vertical.  That's a good one, Tom !
Contratulations go to KB7AZ - Carl who has just received his 100th and 101st QSL for DXCC.  Good job.
N7WB - John said he had worked a bit of 6-Meters to the northwest but conditions were poor.

As for the business part of the meeting, Richard discussed the upcoming Picnic stating that it will be in September (date TBD) and will be the usual format. SADXA will provide the BBQ fixin's and folks can sign up to bring whatever else they want.  

Mike - KC9ORD has again volunteered to honcho the affair and will be publishing a sign-up list for folks to specify what they are bringing.  

And, don't forget the Door Prize Raffle, a brand new Baofeng UV-5R Duo-Band HT and it will come with the Programming Cable.  It will include a CD with the Manuals, Programming Software and, hopefully, a Code Plug (Motorola-speak for frequency file), that should include most local Repeaters.    

With that, we took a break to prepare for the evening presentation.

Our VP, N7WS - Wes, introduced the video of the 2011 Christmas Island DXpedition where two teams of operators logged over 200,000 QSOs.  It was a well done presentation.   Considering that their large shipping container with all their equipment and radios never made it to the island, with major sponsors, they mananged to do quite well.  I wonder whatever happened to their cargo container.  Maybe a swap meet in Figi?

I know it's hot, but that's no excuse.  Coco's has air conditioning.  You missed a good meeting.


June program

20 June 13

W7KEY - Ted

One of SADXA's long lost members showed up for the meeting, the renowned Professor Ted Downing, Research Professor of Social Development at the U of A, Applied Anthropologist,  twice elected to the Arizona House of Representatives and much more.  Welcome back to SADXA, Ted!  Hope  we see more of you.

K8MUF - Henry

Also, we had another guest for the evening, K8MUF - Henry.  Hope you will consider joining SADXA. 

The meeting was opened by TWS President, W1KSZ - Richard,  who explained that the normal round table introductions and stories of DX activities would be omitted so that our guest speaker would be able to leave a bit earlier to return to Scottsdale at a more reasonable time.  Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry gave a quick report and also mentioned that the dxpeditiion has recognized SADXA's contribution to their endeavor.   Click the logo to see.   It was reported that W6XI - Jerry was quite successful in the past QSO party where he scored 253 contacts and 4 countries on 6 Meters!  Great job, Jerry.  With that, there was a break and the program began.

Our Vice President, N7WS - Wes, introduced AA7A - Ned Stearns, who gave us a look at his quest for well performing Low Frequency Antennas on small lots.  It was a very interesting presentation.

As I have said before, if you did not attend, you missed a good one!

GUESS WHO !  It's a SADXA member, on the right with the hair !
From the August 1976 issue of QST from a Buyers & Sellers ad.


May Program
16 May 13

KC2TX - Spencer

We had a guest for the evening, KC2TX - Spence, who says he hasn't been to a SADXA meeting in years.  Welcome back.  We hope you will joins us again.

Editor's note:  If some of the pictures look a bit strange it's because N7BXX - Gail took some! By the way, this is one of my favorites of him!

W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with the usual round of introductions and it was soon apparent that the DX activity had followed the trend of lately, nothing much.  W7CS - Chuck (Editor's favorite shot of Chuck) said he had broken a rib and had been somewhat inactive for the last month. AB7AA - Bill said hewas delving into Polarizatioin Diversity, a broad subject indeed.  Click the plane for a layman's tutorial. KC9ORD- Mike was fairly active with is new antenna system with 231 countries and 50 band slots for the month.  NQ7R - Tom has been having fun with Meteor Scatter .  I guess there must be enough showers so that it's not like watching paint dry such as 6 meters lately.

The business part of the meeting was pretty short, so we soon took a break as our VP, N7WS - Wes set things up for the evening presentation:

The evening's presentation was a video of the TN2T DXpedition to the Republic of Congo.  Not much narrative but parts of it were pretty interesting, such as the erection of a 160 meter wet-noodle verticle.  Overall, the group did a pretty good job considering the number of operators.

You should be chastised for missing this meeting.  We had a short crew, but it was still a good meeting.  You can do better.

PS:  Checkout the great picture I took of KE7GYQ - Doug!


 April Program
18 April 13

Our President, W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting, as usual, with introductions and DXploits all around.   NO7P - Don  said that he had been having a good time working the JT-65 digital mode.  From that discussion, it was suggested by N7BXX - Gail that the digital modes might be a good subject for a presentation at a future meeting.  KB7AZ - Karl said that he had worked 24 countries since the last meeting.  Then KW7CD - Cornell was working CW and improving his speed.  W7XI - Jerry said he had worked XR0YG on 160, 80, 40, 12 and 10 along with 5W0M on 160 plus a few others. KC0ORD - Mike worked 50 band slots and 9 new countries since the last meeting.  Great job, I think you're getting serious about the DX stuff.  Our president, Richard, said that he had worked 98 countries on 160.  W7LB - Larry said that his tower episode with   may be resolved and that W1GHF - Rick's tower was back as well. Rick was setting up for the Pima County Fair old motors exhibit and wasn't present for tonight's meeting. Larry  reported $2000 in account with about $180 in cash on-hand.  We had a guest, Phil, an SWLer , who says he likes to listen to the meeting activities and see the presentations.

In the course of the business phase of the meeting, W1KSZ - Richard suggested that the club might make a donation to the Amsterdam Island DX-pedition    scheduled for early next year.  It was dicussed that the donation be made to them directly as opposed to donating to the because a direct donation would result in the SADXA being noted as a contributor on their QSL.  It was then moved, seconded and voted to contribute $250 to that effort.  W6XI - Jerry also discussed the fact that our man KD7ATQ - Gary is now a retired TEP RFI troubleshooter and to expect the company to try and let the position be unfilled.  He said that it would be in our best interests to call, write or e-mail TEP if we have RFI issues and if they do not respond, to let them know that there would be no other choice other than to officially inform the FCC of the problem.

With that, the business portion of the meeting was closed and  short break was taken for the Vice President - N7WS to set up for the evening's presentation.


The presentation for the evening was the Midway Island 2009 DXpedition. It was very entertaining and interesting considering the fact that it's a U.S possision with limited access to humans. Luckly, the environmental issues were resolved that even allowed the ham group to be on the island since it is now managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Services.  For example, they wouldn't approve the use of yagi antennas yet  allowed verticals.  They must have used 2000 feet of ribbons to tie on the antennas and guys to protect the birds.  The resident agent spoke and apparently amazed as to how cooperative the DX-petition team had been and had followed every rule and bureaucratic whim.  As remote as the island is, they were relatively comfortable and used services provided to the 60 or so Thai residents who work on the island.  Do you suppose they had to submit an ERP report?

Once again, if you missed this meeting, you missed a good one!


March Program
21 March 13

NR6M - Rex

Here's the newest member of SADXA, NR6M - Rex shown with a harmonic who looks like he's ready to contest.  Your editor had to use a picture provided by Rex since my camera elected to hiccup and start a new picture file and several pictures were lost.  Pictures from the recent RST hamfest and our archives were used where needed.  In any case, WELCOME TO SADXA, REX!

The meeting was opened by the President W1KSZ - Richard congratulating the RST for a very successful hamfest on the 16th of March.  During the introductiion a few members indicated that here had been some DX activity during the past month. W6XI - Jerry  had worked several on 160, the "Top Band".  Your editor WD7F - John said that he had revived his Johnson Valiant coupled with his recently restored Howard Mills Collins 75A-4 and worked 7 states on 15 meter AM in about an hour and a half.  Considering it was AM and those long QSOs, that was quite an accomplishment.  N7BXX - Gail mentioned that he worked the recent contest with limited results and then found that his antenna had a major malfunction, he had to tighten the coax connector on the antenna. That was good since he was considering buying a new antenna, right?   Maybe it was a missed opportunity.  KW7RS - Rolly  said he had a great time experiencing Meteor Scatter mode thanks to a demo by K7NX - Lloyd.   Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry  gave his report and said that we have $1966 in account and $146 cash with 72 on the SADXA roster.  He also brought up the ongoing saga with his tower with comments by W1GHF - Rick and his Sky Needle being returned for revamping.  Congratulations to KC9ORD - Mike who has worked 216. He says the SteppIR is working great.  KW7CD- Cornell showed us his home brew directional RF Watt Meter.  Beautiful job, Cornell.  Pictures are below.  W1KSZ then dismissed the meeting for a break prior to the evening presentation.

The Peter the 1st  Island DXpetion was the subject of the movie presented for our viewing.  it had been previously scheduled, however, equipment malfunction caused it to be delayed.  That DXpedition was quite an undertaking, traveling to a remote Antartica island and operating under perilous extreme WX conditions on a piece of rock not fit for a penguin to survive.  And it must have cost dearly.

This was a well attended meeting and a great presentation.  Where were you?

 February Program
21 February 2013

K7CMS - Bill

We had a welcomed guest for the evening, a long time AM'er and boat anchor aficionado, K7CMS - Bill Beatty.  Bill has been on hiatus for the last couple years and I'm hoping that coming to the SADXA meeting will reawaken the need for the smell of dust cooking on vacuum tubes and operating real radios that glow in the dark.  If you want to see a Johnson Desk Killowatt or a Collins KW-1, ask Bill.

N7CL - Eric

Here's a SADXA prodical son that's hasn't been to a meeting in a long time.  Welcome back Eric!


The packed February meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard , starting with the DX roll call of the attending members.  For the most part, it was apparant that DX was still limited with just a couple of bright spots by a few of our members.
KB7GAI - Wally anounced that the
Airzona Antique Radio Club is having a swap meet at the at 3130 E Grant Road on Saturday, 23 Feb 2013 at 9:00 AM.  Should be interesting.
Our man Bill - K6WSC stayed up for 27 hours during the
2013 ARRL DX - CW: Feb 16-17 contest and worked 329 band countries, exceeding his last year record. He says he should win it. Don't forget that the phone contest is March 2nd and 3rd.

NQ7R - Tom and K7NX - Lloyd worked 17 contacts on 220 meteor scatter in DM32 and had quite a time of it.  Tom  and Lloyd said it was "different"!

Our president mentioned that there is a DX Marathon contest coming up but according to Tom, the Central Arizona DX Association is not interested.  If you want to participate, it will be done individually rather than using the club calls.  He also said that there are several DXpeditiions coming up such as , and

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB -  Larry said that we have 42 paid members, $1986 in account and $136 on hand.
KC9ORD - Mike reported that he worked 35 new countries on CQWW Phone this past weekend using his big Steppir.  Good job, Mike!
W6XI - Jerry
announced that the 64th Annual Visilia DX Convention  sponsored by the Northern California DX Association is  recruiting workers if anyone is interested in volunteering.  
KD7TMX - Cliff
brought his ancient Heathkit single channel mobile CB for show & tell. You can see it below.

With that, Richard dismissed the group in preparation for the evening presentation.

We enjoyed an interesting presentation by WA7ZZE - Chuck Penson  who told us the history of HeathKit, primarily the timeline of their test equipment line from the beginning until their demise.  His slide presentation showed pictures of the entire line of popular test equipment. Heathkit was successful primarily because of their kit-marketing strategy which lowered to price to be withing the range of the ham radio community.  After the company was sold to Zenith, the test equipment side of the business was allowed to die. Chuck has put together a book of Heathkit radio equipment which he has not published.  CQ Magazine, however, has been publishing the book without his permission and he is in the process of changing that.  He is putting together a test equipment book for future publication.  

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, if you missed this one, you missed a good one!


 Janurary Program
17 January 2013

NG2Q - Matt

K7NX - Lloyd

We have two new SADXA members, NG2Q - Matt and K7NX - Lloyd.
We're looking forward to your participation in our activities.  Welcome to SADXA!

The meeting was opened by our President, W1KSZ - Richard, with our usual introductions all around.  It was soon apparent that there was very little DX activity during the past couple of months. Richard and W6ZQ - Ron mentioned that they had worked long path but DX was limited.  KW7CD - Cornell said that he was going to host a seminar at the upcoming

on Saturday, Feb 16 at 11:40 AM and his subject will be Designing Competition Grade High Performance HF Transceivers. Click the logo and link for details.  Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that SADXA now has 39 paid members.  He also discussed and the problems that several SADXA members had been having.  The bottom line was buyer beware.  The company has admitted their problems and it appears it they are doing everything they can to make it right for the customers.  Congratulations go to NQ7R - Tom  for 160 DXCC 100 watts.  Good job, Tom!  You can see in the pictures below that W7CS - Chuck brought in his home-brew EME antenna controller.  The editor will be adding it to the Member Projects Section soon. K0SBV - Carl noted that our TEP RFI Troubleshooter KD7AYQ - Gary is retiring very soon.  The problem is that TEP management doesn't seem to be interested in continuing the RFI program.  It may be necessary for the ham radio community to make it known to TEP management that the RFI service is a good thing for their customers.  If you're so inclined, drop an e-mail to Dave Thomas at TEP and express your concern.

As it was discussed at the last month's meeting, the elections for the Club Officers took place and the results are as follows.  Our current President W1KSZ - Richard was re-elected to a new term as was our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry Brown.  You might have noticed at the top of the page, we have a new Vice-President, N7WS - Wes   .  Thanks for serving, Wes.  The membership truly appreciates it.  After a short break we moved on to the evening's presentation.  

The presentation for the evening was a video on the Peter the 1st Island DXpedition in 2006, however, the computer used for the presentation was acting up and nobody had brought a spare to bail us out.  So the presentation was rescheduled for a future meeting.  None the less, a good time was had by all that attended.

How many times do I have to say this?   If you missed this one, you missed a good one!  You shoulda' been there!  

To quote Lee Bensen - WB9TPD (SK)

"We're having fun, and that's what it's all about !"



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