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December Program
15 December 2012



 November Program
15 November 2012

AB7AA - Bill

WB6IRR - Mary Ann

Welcome to AA7AB who has been a member but has missed a few meetings, well ALL of the meetings that your editor has attended.  We're glad you came!  Also, welcome to WB6IRR - Mary Ann, xyl of W6ZQ - Ron.

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with introductions all round.  Several of the members had some DX activity especially during the  WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST and primarily on 10 meters.  Both N7BXX - Gail and KE7WSV - Art recounted the fun they had.   W7AAA - Doug said he had received his award. Plus he received two WPX awards for Mixed and SSB, meaning he had worked at least 300 prefixes in SSB and 400 in Mixed categories.  Congratulations Doug!  W7UO - Wes mentioned that antenna restrictions in Green Valley had greatly reduced his capability, however, he was able to successfully operate his Arivaca station remotely.  KC0ORD - Mike and W7LB - Larry telling of their tower problems with their  with Mike finally getting his up and running but Larry's tower is being sent back to the manufacturer after many problems.  Makes you wonder. Larry was collecting dues and for Christmas Party.  Richard mentioned about QST tempting you to go digital with their magazine and wondered if there would be a cost break passed down if you went paperless. K5RR - Dick did some serious DXing during the CQWW scoring 1661 contacts. W1GHF - Rick passed around a notebook with pictures of his Sky Needle tower, having recently got it up and running.  KB7AZ - Carl said he had enjoyed working several countrys during the CQWW contest on RTTY.  During the discussion it was mentioned that KD7AYQ - Gary is considering retirement and if you need some RFI chasing, you'd better call Gary soon.  It was suggested that Gary and his wife be invited to the Christmas Party and Mike - KC9ORD volunteered to complete that task.  In additioin, Mike said that he needed a final count for the Christmas Party attendees not later than the 5th of December, so everybody get on the list ASAP.  The meal will be catered by and will should be good Italian cusine! Don't miss it.  

There were others that told of their DX activities, but my fingers weren't fast enough to get it all.  Sorry.

Finally, there was a short break while preparations were made for the evening's presentation.

Tom - NQ7R At The Blue Anchor Inn - Mozambique

The presentation for the evening was given by NQ7R - Tom showing his DXpedition to Africa back in 2008.  With the exception of having his laptop computer stolen, he had a very enjoyable time.  He presented slides and the story of his stay plus DX activity at the Blue Anchor Inn in Mozambique plus his trip to the Madikwe Game Reserve.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  If you missed this one, you missed a good one!  You shoulda' been there!  


18 October 2012 - 5:30 PM

Once again, our President, W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting and as usual, we introduced ourselves with any DX exploits since the last meeting.  There were a few DX reports with most of the serious DXers having hooked everything back up with the passing of the Monsoon season and the fireworks.
WO7V - Jim showed us his certificate for his First Place, Oregon Section, Single Operator, Unlimited, Low Power ARRL Sweepstakes award from 2011.  W1KSZ mentioned that he had some fun working theSwains Island and Conway Reef.  W6ZQ - Ron read off a list of DX he had worked in what he calls his "Driveway Mobile" where he parks his vehicle in the driveway and runs the coax in the garage where he works 'em.  Damn those HOA restrictions!
KC9ORD - Mike
mentioned that he's working on having Italian cusine at the Christmas party and most seemed to be in favor of the change from barbecue. 
Our only SWL member, Anette,  has volunteered to coordinate the men's white elephant and ladies' gift exchanges for the Christmas party.  Thanks, Annette!

There was considerable arm twisting going on by the President to recruit someone to run for Vice President in the upcoming elections in January.  Our dedicated VP, W6XI - Jerry has performed the duty with honors over the years and has stated that he is taking a break.  So, with some urging of the members, N7WS - Wes has agreed that he will run for the office.  Whew! 

Our President mentioned that he had certificates to hand out to aid in donating to the Northern Calififornia DX Fondation and finally, closed the meeting to prepare for the evening's presentation. 

As it's been said, if you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!  Next time "Be there and be square!"


20 September 2012 - 5:30 PM

Here's SADXA's newest members!  Welcome to the group, Bill and Anette !

 W7EXG - Bill

SWL - Annette

Our President, W1KSZ - Richard called the meeting to order and began with introductions and comments on any DX activity during the last month. Overall, there hadn't been much DX activity with N7BXX - Gail  and W6XI - Jerry both mentioning that they had just reconnected their antennas after the monsoon season.  KR7RK - Kieth mentioned that he had just earned the Challenge Award.  The DXCC Challenge Award is earned by working and confirming at least 1,000 DXCC band-points on any Amateur bands, 160 through 6 meters (except 60 meters).  Congratulations to W7AAA - Doug who has received the coveted award.  Good work!  KW7CD - Cornell had gone dumpster diving and found a Jump-Start system and adding a new battery, had a good power source.  Who says that hams aren't resourcefull?  There was discussion concerning the and how many times everyone had worked them.  Click on the NH8S logo and read all about it.  W0LTL - Mike announced the the Colonia Verde Club House is reserved for the December 15th Christmas Party.  W1GHF - Rick said that he had worked the 9th Annual On The Air special event where 19, 1X1, W6A thru W6WS  stations along the old Route , including two roving stations, could be worked from the 13th until the 21st of September.  Rick said that he managed to work 7 of the stations.  There was discussion and a vote related to the NCDXF and our club donation to that entity.  In the end, it was moved, seconded and passed by a voice vote to increase the dues for SADXA from $15 to $20 annualy and, additionally, the contribution was specified at $250 per year. W7LB - Larry, Secretary/Treasurer will make it happen. It was also decided that there would be a November meeting this year, and will be on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  After a break, with a bit of technical difficulties and the need of another lap top computer provided by KD7TNX - Cliff , a video of the controveresial  DXpeditiion was shown.  If you participate in a DXpedition, I'd not recommend one similar to this one for your first.

As usual, it was very interesting stuff and if you missed this meeting, you missed a good one.



The editor was on an extend trip so the August meeting did not get documented with current pictures.  Of course, this provided him the opportunity to include his picture in a prominent position and one of his favorites from the past. Thankfully, W6XI - Jerry was kind enough to provide the minutes of the meeting.  KW7CD - Cornell sent a few pictures of a restoration of a Drake 2-NT which are posted below plus he provided a picture of I6YPK.   

16 August 2012 - 5:30 PM

The meeting of the SADXA was call to order by the club President, W1KSZ - Richard at 1800 local time. With approximately 21 members present and one visitor, SWL Phil Plage , the DX Roundtable was had. Following the DX Roundtable, the Treasurer,  W7LB - Larry, announced that he had completed setting up a new club checking account and soon all the funds would be transferred from the old account to the new account. This will make writing checks easier and with a very small minimum deposit no checking fees will be experienced.  

The president asked that those planning to come to the September potluck to please sign up and also visit the club website and sign up for something to bring to the event. The following discussion included W7EXG - Bill, mentioning he was working a tower project. NQ7R - Tom, said he now has worked 403 of the Grids on the Fred Fish Memorial Award. 488 Grid are needed to have worked them all.  

There was a discussion regarding a contribution to the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) and how much the club can afford to send each year. It was suggested by the club president perhaps we need to increase the club dues to cover the ongoing club expenses and also to make it easier to send a meaningful contribution to NCDXF. It was decided table the discussion and let the members think about it for a month and continue the discussion at the next meeting. K7BXX - Gail made a motion to send $150 to NCDXF, however the motion failed to get a second.

It was suggested that perhaps when the club does send a contribution those who would like to contribute personally could add it to the club contribution.  

Following the discussions the Video, VP8ORK DXpedition to South Orkney, was presented, followed by the close of the meeting.

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  20 July 2012 - 5:30 PM


Welcome to the newest members of SADXA, WO7V - Jim and W7JHE - Jeanette.  We are very glad that you have joined our group and hope that you become very active in the organization.

WO7V - Jim

W7JHE - Jeanette

Editor's Note:  Since this was Social Night, there are more pictures than usual.

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with our usual around the room introductions and discussion of DX activities.  Several members, KE7DX - Gary, W6XI - Jerry and K6WSC - Bill discussed the IARU HF World Championship.

K6WSC - Bill spoke of how he was honored to operate during the contest, quote:

I had the privilege and honor of operating super amateur radio station W8AEF north of Phoenix in the HF World Championships sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union. Twelve stations in the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club, one on each mode on each of six bands, got to use the call sign of the most recognizable ham radio station in the world, W1AW. We were the hunted. Answering our CQs meant a contest score multiplier for stations all over the world. This is radio sport. I got to be the quarterback in a worldwide game. Everyone else was a receiver, vying for my attention. That meant pileups and 'run' fun. I worked slightly more than 1 station per minute for the six hours of my operating time. I had hoped for more, but a CME got in the way. Even so, the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club did very well, scoring near the top for a US headquarters station in recent years."

Bill went on to say that the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club W1AW/7 made over 8400 QSOs and scored over 8,000,000 points. Check out the for the results of the contest when they post it.

W6XI - Jerry
said that he had been designated a backup for the  Arizona stations and did work 40 meters for the the last 45 minutes or so of the contest due to lightning shutting down one of the 12 primary stations.

Our newest member, W07V - Jim mentioned that he had placed first in last year's IARU HF contest as single operator, CW only, low power, Oregon Section-Zone 6 from his Oregon QTH.  Good job, Jim!  

W0MPH - Dick said that he has 101 for DXCC.  Congratulations Dick.  Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry is back from Texas and says his tower is up and he'll soon get to work on his big beam.  

After a short break, our President opened the meeting for business and there was discussion of following through on moving the club checking account to the Hughes Credit Union and adding the club officers to the signature list.  W7LB - Larry said he is finally ready to get together with the others and complete the transactions.  It was confirmed that there would be a $250 donation to the
as voted on in April.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing the upcoming SADXA picnic scheduled for the 15th of September in the same location as the Christmas Party has been held.  KC9ORD - Mike volunteered to be the picnic coordinater.  The picnic, as mentioned in the President's message, will be at the Colonia Verde Club House near Sabino Canyon Rd and Tanque Verde at 4:00 PM on 15 September. A map is shown below.  Burgers, bratts, hot dogs and other items will be provided by the club.  There will be a SADXA e-mail reflector message to all members concerning the picnic.  Later, there will be a link posted near the top of this page in El Presidente's coments that will take you where you can select what you want to bring to supplement the barbecue items.  Click the map to enlarge.  We hope to see you at the picnic

If you didn't make the meeting, once again, you missed a good one!


  21 June 2012 - 5:30 PM


Next meeting we will discuss having a late summer - early fall picnic, so we are going to need a few volunteers to coordinate a list of things to bring, who's doing the cooking and where we might have the event.  Please don't let the possible of you being drafted into service keep you from the July meeting!  A picnic will be a great way to celebrate the end of summer.  Also, we have been informed by W0LTL - Mike that we have reservations for the Colonia Verde Club House for our SADXA Christmas Party on 15 December. 

We had a well attended meeting with three prospecitve members attending along with our guest speaker and XYL.  W0MPG - Dick came to the meeting and it's been a long time, Dick!  

So, here's a big SADXA welcome to W8AEF - Paul, our guest speaker, along with his XYL Jackie, W7EXG - Bill, WO7V - Jim, XYL W7JHE- Jeanette and W0MPG - Dick.  Paul and Jackie had a bit of trouble with a tire on the I-10 and we were glad they were able to make it for the meeting.


W8AEF - Paul (Guest Speaker)

XYL Jackie

WO7V - Jim

W7JHE - Jeanette

W7EXG - Bill

W0MPH - Dick

Before the meeting started, your editor noticed something going on at the end of the table.  It was our resident Card Counter, W6ZQ - Ron busy working on a stack of QSL cards.   I wonder what that was all about?  We were soon to find out.


The President  W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting and began the introductions all around.  With only a couple of exceptions, most of the members didn't have much DX activity to report.  Our guest speaker, Paul said that he had some fun on 17 meters.  Carl - - KB7AZ read off a whole list of countries he had worked since he had put up his new antenna, he didn't say how many.  When it got around to W6ZQ he announced that he had just qualified NO7P - Don for WAS! Finally, we get to see our card counter in action!

 Congratulations to NO7P - Don (WAS) 

KC9ORD - Mike  announced that he had finally had confirmation for DXCC, even though he had nearly 140 qsls cards, he was waiting until he had the 100 count on LOTW.  Richard asked "Where's the certificate?" Mike answered, "I left it at home!"  So, congratulations go to Mike for DXCC! 

K6WSC - Bill announced he was the Western Regional leader in the Single Operator, Unlimited, Low Power class of the ARRL DX CW contest.  Now that was quite a mouthfull, Bill.  Good job and congratulations to you!

KW7CD - Cornell  said that he had success with his 20 meter antenna he recently put up and it was good to have a rotatable beam.  You can see the story of his low profile beam antenna by clicking the KW7CD's Beam link in the left column of the page.

After a short break for setup, the main presentation begun.

Our President Richard introduced our guest speaker who presented video and slides of his DXpedition to Bhutan (A5), a beautiful, mountainous and isolated country between India and China where there's not been much ham radio activity.  Bhutan has been unspoiled by outsiders for centuries and is a rare place indeed, rumored to be the location of Shangri La.

W8AEF - Paul, an and member of told us of erecting his antennas and of failures of tried and tested equipment having problems possibly due to the high altitude environment.  The people were very friendly and helpful.  Paul said that when he gave radio activity priority over eating and missed a meal or two, the propriators of the hotel were inquiring of his status.  "Do you know of any hotel that would be checking on the welfare of their patrons if they didn't show up for a meal?" asked Paul.   After his presentation, Paul fielded questions from the floor.  All in all , it was a great presentation.  You shoulda' been there!


  17 May 2012 - 5:30 PM

Give a SADXA welcome to our newest member K7ILA - Pink.  Pink has been a guest at several meeting and has finally joined the club.  K-7-I-Love-America is very active in the ham community and will be an asset to SADXA.  Once again, Welcome to SADXA, Pink!

K7ILA - Pink

We had three guests for the evening, two who are potential members and a non-ham that was assisting W0LTL - Mike with his presentation.  We hope to see more of Chuck and Frank at future SADXA events.

N7FG - Frank

W7VX - Chuck

John Eslinger - Rockin' E Enterprises


The business part of the meeting was short and to the point.   Our President  W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting and initiated a discussion on our possible donation to the NCDX Foundation.  It was moved, seconded and passed that $250 would be donated to the . Click the NCDXF logo to read all about them.

Last month, we were to have an unusual QSL event and members were to bring in their favorite QSL and during the introductions explain their cards.  This time, several members brought in their cards and showed them to all.  N7CS - Chuck brought in his cards from 2 meter EME - DXCC.  That was quite an accomplishment.  Interestingly enough, KB7GAI - Wally had one of the K3UD Ham Heaven QSLs that was featured on the SADXA page last month.  During the introductions, KW7CD - Cornell mentioned that he had successfully installed a rotor, mast and a home brew two element beam at his QTH with the help of SADXA member KB7AZ - Carl  and two others, KC7NPT - Jay and KE7KA - Keith.  The system has been tested and pictures are shown below.  Cornell said thanks to all that offered to help.  After a few more QSL card stories, there was a break to set up for the evening's presentation.

During the break, W1KSZ set up the new Viewsonic projector that had been approved for purchase last month.  Richard had also donated a laptop computer to use with the slide show presentations.  All seemed to work as advertised and SADXA has its' own now.  Good job Richard!

Our man W0LTL- Mike , formerly employed by Collins, gave a slide presentation outlining the contributiions Collins Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has made to the world of aviation electronics and communications, and especially Amateur Radio.  Founded by Art Collins in 1933, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the main purpose was to design and produce shortwave radios and equipment for the AM broadcasting industry.  Over the years Collins became a dominate force in radio, especially during the WW2 era and later in flight control instruments, satellite and spacecraft communications and all the while developing some of the most sought after amateur radio gear in demand to this day.  Several anecdotal incidents were recalled by Mike and, as well, by K5RR - Dick who also worked for Collins Radio .

Once again, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.  You shoulda' been there!


  19 April 2012 - 5:30 PM

We had a guest for the evening, K8MUF - Hank.  We hope that you will consider joining our group of folks.  If you take a look at the SADXA Archives, You'll see that we've had some very interesting and enjoyable presentations.  Just check with W7LB - Larry Brown!

K8MUF - Hank

Here's a couple who haven't attended a meeting in some time.  Glad you guys could make it all the way from Green Valley.  Hope you can make it more often.  Welcome back!

W7UO - Wes

KF7GFH - Marcia

Attendance was down at this month's meeting.  Folks were probably busy with all of the activities going on this time of year.  For example, our man Keith - KR7RK was busy running around the country and has recently ran the Boston Marathon!  How about that? You can find him on if you'd like to track his progress! *As in most logos on this page, just click the logo to go there!


The president, W1KSZ - Richard,   opened the meeting with some new business.  Since the club has been using W6XI - Jerry's home theatre projector for some time, the president thought it would be appropriate for the club to purchase one.  Richard had done the research and found a suitable Viewsonic unit and initiated dicussion.  All members agreed and it was voted on and approved.  Richard also said he would donate a suitable laptop computer to the club to be used with the projector.

Secretary Larry Brown - W7LB reported that there was enough money in the account to cover the purchase, however, he said that he was moving the club checking account to the Hughes Credit Union so that the club would not be billed for checking in case of a small balance.  Also, club officers will be added to the signature list in order to prevent the problem that occured when both Karen and Bernie passed and nobody could access the account.

When member introductions began, it became apparent that most of the members had forgotten the QSL event, so the president said that we would do the same next meeting.  DX activity was at a minimum since conditions were not so good lately.

During the introductions, said that since his equipment was located in Arivaca and they were living in Green Valley, AB7AA- Bill Hickey had helped him get Team Viewer and other programs set up so he could operate remotely, and that it was working pretty good.

Richard - W1KSZ had a QSL card from 9N1MM (SK), Father Dennis Moran, that he had received in 1979.  Father Moran, a famous priest in the amateur community was very active in Nepal and India where he passed away in 1992 at 86.  The card had a much younger Father Moran and a bunch of Nepalese kids surrounding him.  W7UO - Wes said that when he lived in Illinois that he helped Father Moran with many phone patches over the years.  It was an interesting card.  

WD7F - John brought a couple of cards, one from Greece sent by a CB operator in the 70s.  He's not to sure of the significance of the Greek Warrior activity, noting the PAX on the tree stump.  The other JA card is self explanatory.  Here's hoping that next month we will get a large assortment of unusual cards.

During a short break, the projector was set up for the evening presentation by Hank - K8MUF, who was stepping in for W6XI - Jerry. We had a video presentation of and their unique DX-Pedition to the new country of South Sudan.  In the editor's opinion, this dxpeditiion was a cake walk compared to the trials and trivulations of AA7A - Ned Stearns and his group in Liberia and Sierra Leon.  The group had over 121,000 QSOs and broke a record in RTTY contacts.  It was a nice presentation.

Once again, if you missed it, you shouda' been there!


  15 March 2012 - 5:30 PM

*Somehow, your page editor managed to miss the fact that Cliff Schneider - KD7TMX had honored SADXA by joining our group.  So, SADXA officially welcomes our newest member, Cliff, to SADXA.  Sorry for the delay, Cliff.

KD7TMX - Cliff

We were happy to see N7UQ - Chuck appear after a few months of absence.  Also returning as a guest for the evening was K7ILA - Pink.  We'll just have to twist her arm a bit more to urge her to join SADXA.

N7UQ - Chuck

K7ILA - Pink

For the March meeting, the place was packed, quite a crowd, and as usual, the meeting was great!  Our President   W1KSZ - Richard's first order of business was a presentation of a certificate of proclamation and appreciation to our past president KR7RK - Keith.  Great job Keith!

Click on Keith's picture to see the certificate!

Introductions were made all around and most folks indicated that it had been a dry month for DX activity.  W6XI - Jerry mentioned that he had worked his friend OA4TT in Peru on 6 and, NQ7R - Tom    had worked him as well.  WD7F - John mentioned the passing of N7IOK - Clyde Sakir last Wednesday.  Clyde had been having problems over the last two or three years that he just couldn't overcome.  We'll miss Clyde at the swap meets.

Clyde Sakir - N7IOK (SK)
1940 - 2012

Most of the members stated that basically, there was very little DX.  To sum it up, W7SWL - Bob stated that at least he had "heard WWV" !
Just before the break, KW7CD - Cornell talked about the article in the newest QST about "Blocking Dynamic Range Measurment" and the method of measurment he and others had favored.

If you the see this truck, stop the driver
and get his number!  It's RFI Man!

After a 5 minute break, our resident RFI chaser from  Tucson Electric Power, Gary -  KD7AYQ gave a slide presentation of how he locates and corrects a ham radio operators worst enemy, Radio Frequency Interference.  He brought some of the devices that can cause noise and passed them around for hands-on inspection.  If you have a problem at your QTH, Gary is the guy to call. He's better than ghost-busters!

Once again, if you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!


February Program
16 February 2012 - 5:30 PM

Our new President  W1KSZ - Richard called his first meeting to order, having all to introduce themselves and tell of any DX exploits for the past month.
W6XI - Jerry
said that the Arizona Centennial event at his QTH was a bit disappointing in that only W7AAA - Doug showed up to operate.  However, it was a blast.  After the first CQ, they ended up working all continents, 16 countries and made 516 contacts by 3 PM.  Our guest speaker for the evening, AA7A - Ned Stearns said that he had a great time working as K7UGA as well and so did NQ7R - Tom .  KD7UIZ - Don told of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Bicycle Race up north of Oracle at the Willow Springs Ranch that he and others are working Sunday.  They have a great time every year doing this.  Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that 46 members had paid their dues for 2012. * When DX ladder was put on the SADXA site, W6RLL - Joe of McNeal, AZ provided Rolly with info for the chart.  Joe may have been a member in the distant past, but we were pretty sure he wasn't a current member.  After an inquiry, Joe sent his membership dues to Larry and he is a now a paid up member.  Here's hoping he will show up at a meeting soon.  

Of note, our long lost prodigal son, N7WB - John finally appeared for a SADXA meeting this evening.  Welcome back John!  John said that he was growing older and decided to drag out his cards and see if he qualified for any awards before it was too late.  He enlisted the help of or resident card checker, Ron - W6ZQ who worked diligently and, thus far John has the goods for DCXX on 10 and 20, DXCC Phone and WAS on 6 meters.  Congratulations, John, and thanks to Ron!

Another guest for the evening, K2VNT - Jeff, briefed us on how the University of Arizona Radio Club is preparing a memorial for AJ7EF (SK) - Jeff who had contributed so much to the club and donated equipment and tools as well.  There will be an operating position in the clubhouse built and named in honor of AJ7EF. Donations of cash or equipment for the project may be made to Anna Hacker, of the Colonial Verde Home Owner's Association, where Jeff had worked. Contact W0LTL - Mike  for details.

 N7WB - John

K2VNT - Jeff

After a short break, our president introduced our guest speaker for the evening.  AA7A - Ned Stearns gave a presentation of his EL2A DXpedition 2011 to Liberia operating as EL2NS along with others.  He told a story of difficulties in getting the equipment into the African country along with many other obstacles that would make most folks shy away from a project such as this.  The down to the wire licensing and other problems caused most of the members to abandon the project with only five of the VooDoo members participating in the event. 
They were our guest speaker,
AA7A Ned as EL2NS, G4BWP Fred as EL2WP, KC7V Mike as EL2MF, KY7M Lee as EL2LF and N7CW Bud as EL2CWConsidering the conditions at the hotel, including lack of electricity, operating only between 7PM and 7AM most of the time and not having much of a 80/160 meter antenna reduced their expected score but they still performed admirably.

As usual, the meeting was great!  You shoulda' been there! I even had two "greenies"!

January Program
19 January - 5:30 PM

The President  KR7RK - Keith called the meeting to order, mentioning that election of club officers would be a prime topic of business.  As usual, members were asked to identify themselves and tell of any DX activities since the last meeting.  Most spoke of some activity on 10 meters.  NO7P - Don said that he has worked his DXCC but was waiting for four more cards.   Carl - K0SBV related that he had sent in his DXCC cards to the card counter who told him he'd only sent 98 cards and had to return them.  When the cards came back, there were only 95.  Go figure.

Jerry - W6XI said "On February14th that my station will join two other stations to put AZ on the bands for the Arizona Centennial Celebration. There will be a station in Prescott, Phoenix and Tucson. We will be using the call K7UGA, which is Barry Goldwater's retired call and now held by the Central Arizona DX Associationn. club as the Special Events Station.  
On Feb 14 we go on the air at 10AM local time and stay on for as long as we have operators that day. My station will concentrate on the WARC bands in the day time and late afternoon we will switch to 40 Meters for the evening activities. All operation will be on SSB however no specific frequencies have been chosen.  SADXA members are invited to stop by my place and either just check it out or stick around and do some operating.  My place is 12589 E Calle Tango, Tucson."

During the DX Roundup Jerry received two operating awards from the CQ Contest Group.  The first award was for the World Wide 160 Meters DX contest for 2011. He placed 2nd, Single Operator High Power Assisted CW, 2nd Place in 7th District  and 18th Place in USA.  He also won the CQ World Wide 160 Meters DX Contest SSB, 2011, 1st Place Single Operator High Power Assisted Arizona and 4th Place in 7th District.  Not bad.

Tom - NQ7R said that after many years of SSB only operation VK0TH has been fairly active on CW and Digital modes from Macquarie Island.  I was fortunate to work Trevor on Jan 01 (Z) on three new bands on CW RTTY and PSK.  An activity I set up for Central AZ DX club was what I called the "DXCC Triple Play" (of which I appear to be the only one interested).  It has two levels, the first is to work 100 countries on CW, Phone, and Digital which I reached on May 15 (starting on Jan 1, 2011)  and on Nov 24 I reached the second level which was having worked the same 100 countries on all three modes. Tom was selected DXer of the Year for the CADXA, an honor he said he really appreciated.

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that 60% of the members had paid their dues for 2011 and would be collecting.  He also said that his tower project was on a hold while he recovered from a bit of ill health.  

We had several guests for the evening, but first, let it be known that Wally is back!   It appears that Wally - KB7GAI may have dropped a pound or two, but looked pretty good considering his ordeal.  We're glad you're back Wally!  

A big SADXA elcome to KD7TMX - Cliff, K7ILA - Pink, The Johnsons, Lyle - KK7P and his XYL N7DZU Heather.  Lyle and Heather live in Mt. Vernon, Washington but are now snowbirding here in Tucson.  Lyle said he is probably going to join SADXA. 

 KD7TMX - Cliff

K7ILA - Pink

KK7P - Lyle & N7DZU - Heather

The main business of the evening was to elect the SADXA officers for 2012.  After some discussion, W1KSZ - Richard, was elected President as is evident by the picture at the upper left. Congratulations Richard.   W6XI - Jerry and W7LB - Larry were re-elected in their respective positions.

After the break, W1KSZ - Richard gave a presentation on his converstion of a SB-220 Heathkit linear to 6 meters.  It was very interesting and a comment was made as to why he didn't bring it for show and tell and Richard said it was just a bit heavy to be dragging to Coco's.  

The evening was topped off by KK7P - Lyle who works with Elecraft and he brought with him the prototype KX3   transceiver, a small format, didital controlled, all mode with a built in paddle key that does all you could imagine and then some.  It looks like it would be a fantastic moble rig.

The meeting was great!  You shoulda' been there!


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