24 September 2016

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The weather was absolutely perfect for a and the location was OK too, thanks to W0LTL - Mike and Lillian.  Unlike the past picnics, we spent very little time indoors with the exception of retrieving food and drink.  So nice that we didn't pay much attention to the flies that came to enjoy too.  Sadly, we were missing quite a few regulars.


Our newly appointed "Social Director" earned his stripes by making sure that all was well.  His efforts, along with the Henning Brothers, assured the highest order of food quality.  Steve said he even cried when he was cutting up the onions.

As much as KF7EZJ - Andrew and KB7JAQ - Scotty have worked for all of the SADXA picnics, their efforts are not taken lightly.  Maybe they should start a BBQ Picnic Catering company.  In any case, special goes to Andrew and Scott for their unselfish efforts.  And that goes for Steve too!
And this SPECIAL lady brough a basket of the most delicious EGG ROLLS, three kinds no less, with a very nice dipping sauce.  Thank you very much, Kim!  




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