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Last Meeting
18 January 2018

We had a guest for the evening, the XYL of W7WRJ - Michael.   So, welcome to SADXA, Frances.  We hope to see you often.

Your editor has just learned that K7NN - Don's long time friend and confidant, Kim, is a paid member of SADXA.  Kim has been coming to the meeting, picnics and parties for several years and it's great that she's become a member of SADXA.  Welcome to the club, Kim! We're happy to have you.

  W6XI - Jerry ,opened his final meeting as President of SADXA.  The first order of business was establishing that we would continue to meet here at Pinnacle Peak.  With that, the election of the officers proceeded with K6WSC - Bill being elected President and W7TUS - Mike being elected to Secretary/Treasurer. K7NN - Don remains as Vice President with the appointed positions staying the same.

N7WS - Wes reminded us that he has been in ham radio for 60 years.  That's quite a ride, Wes.  He said he's been working mostly 160 with his inverted-L and striving for 9 Band CW DXCC, lacking about 18.
W7WRJ - Michael has also been working
having WAS on 80 - 15 with the exception of Montana.  He put up a dipole for 80 and worked 48 states in one night.  Michael says he has come across a program, which works in conjuctiion with FT8 and the various logging programs such as HRDLog and simplifies the uploading of your QSO data. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
KB7AZ - Carl participated in the RTTY roundup and worked Uruguay on RTTY. Worked Western Sahara on 80 meter CW and Galapagos on 20, 40, and 17. Also received the , celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. Good job, Carl.
W7TUS - Mike reported having worked mostly on 80 and 30 meters and has 301 countries so far. He has been using as most folks have been in the last few months.
W9FI - Jim  also has worked mostly and has 80 WAS, 40 WAS, 30 WAS and missing 2 for 20 WAS.  (Editors Note:  What will you guys do when you all have All Band - DXCC on Digital and there's nothing more to do?)
K6WSC - Bill in 2017 for the third year in a row secured a Top Ten USA and Canada spot in the IARU HF World Championships in the Single Op Unlimited CW Only Low Power class. In the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest, Bill worked 23 countries on 80m, 57 on 40m, 91 on 20m, 58 on 15m, and 9 countries on 10m last November. Bill recently constructed the "No Excuses" 160m helically wound vertical and entered the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge. His best 160m DX was NP2J, PJ2T, and KH6LC. In the ARRL RTTY Roundup, Bill worked 31 countries. 


SADXA Presentation

K7NN - Don scheduled a video of , but due to technical setup difficulties, it was put aside for a future meeting.


I think that the Pinnacle Peak restaurant will work out OK and the menu is quite varied and there are several entres that aren't too expensive. Hope to see you there next meeting, after all, you ARE a member, why weren't you at this meeting?  Huh?

Our Pinnacle Peak Cowgirl for the Evening did a good job!

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