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Last Meeting
19 February 2015

NG7A - George

WB6BFW - Scott

We had a two guests attending the SADXA meeting.  Welcome to NG7A - George, from New Hampshire and a transplant to Rillito, AZ and on to Dove Mountain in Marana.  Next was WB7BFW - Scott from the . We hope you had a good time at the meeting and will consider joining our group.

The 2nd meeting of 2015 was opened by our President, W1KSZ - Richard
, with a short discussion of our contributions to DXpeditions followed by our DXploits round table discussion.  
Our VP, N7WS - Wes worked with 12 band slots, busy, busy.  
KB7AZ - Carl worked several including Gabon and Lebanon.  W7EXG - Bill continues to extol the virtues of his large DB-42 antenna and worked Bear Island, for example.  
W7TUS - Mike
reminded us of our stamp collecting Vets that really like those QSL stamped envelopes.  Mike had a large bag of envelopes donated by KB7JAQ - Scott . Thank you, Scotty!  

W1KSZ - Richard worked Navasa on 160, but still needs Cocos Islands
When WO7V - Jim pulled out his list of DXploits, it became apparant that we could not mention them all on this venue.  You'll have to ask him yourself.  
Our man KB7GAI - Wally reminded us of the
160 Meter SSB contest coming up the 27 Feb - 1 March. 
Yours truly WD7F - John told of greatly improved receive performance on his 75 Meter Loop by changing it from a convinient triangle to a near square.  Live and learn!   
W6XI - Jerry shared some DX pile up tips, very interesting. 

WA7NB - Art said that he worked K1N on 9 bands and captured his 340th.  Congratulations, Art!

Chuck - W6CS reminded us of the Seychelles S79CO DXpedition and here a reference to the very active February and subsequent scheduled activity:  
It was announced by someone that had worked K1N!  
W0LTL - Mike told of fighting noise with his mobile rig for months and tried everything to fix it.  As it turned out, he says, his splices at the battery terminals were not up to his usual standards.  Mike submitted his self depreciating story to QST and should be published in the April issue.  Let's hope it's not an April Fools story!   

With that, the meeting was adjourned for preparation of the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presentation


A video of the K4M Midway Atoll 2009 DXpedition was shown.  
WA7NB - Art attended the DXpedition and related his experiences, good and not so good, before, during and after the event.

It was a nicely done video and concentrated heavily on the environmental issues and actions that have taken place to ensure that the wildlife is preserved on the island.

A point of interest:  The Midway Island Henderson Field runway has been maintained as an emergency landing strip by the 60 or so inhabitants of the atol who are mostly from other Asian countrys, even though it is a U.S. possesion. For example, on June 16, 2011, a Delta 747 with 380 passengers made an emergency landing there and on July 11, 2014, a United 777-200 landed there due to a smoke filled cockpit.

Well, here we go again!  Just how many of these meetings have you missed?  We'll look for you next month! 


Last Meeting
15 January 2015

N6RC - Richard

We had a guest for the evening, N6RC - Richard who has recently moved from California to Tucson in the vicinity of Oracle and Ina.  Richard is a very active DXer and has served as President of the Northern California DX Club.  Welcome to SADXA, Richard.  We hope you will consider joining our group.

Our newly elected President, W1KSZ - Richard opened our meeting with the usual round-table introduction with members' DXploits.  W7TUC - Mike said he nad a very good year with many new countries and band slots.

With his new DB-42 monster STEP-IR antenna in place, W7EXG - Bill has been working stations off of the back side of the antenna thinking it was fantastic and then switching the phase an discovering he was missing out on another 20 dB of signal.  I'm thinking Bill has been having fun, even using a metal detector on a pole to check to see if the tuning of the elements is functioning correctly.   
WO7V - Jim said he has worked new ones including Malta, Bolovia and Iran.
N7WS - Wes worked quite a bit of 160 and snagged the Samoa DXpedition.  He said he was only 12 QSOs away from agetting 28,000 points in the W1AW year long contest.  I wonder if Wes has any time for Annette with that kind of attention being paid to radio.
The Henning Bros, Scott and Andrew said they worked W1AWs and had quite a bit of 12 Meter activity.  
In the 160 Meter contest, W6XI - Jerry worked 480 plus contacts, quite an accomplishment.  Our President W1KSZ - Richard CW-DX wise is standing with 353 countries with 339 current.  He's been busy too. 
KD6XH - Cliff  was busy also, attending TWO DXpeditions which will be the subject of this evenings presentation.

With that, Richard called for a break for preparation for Cliff's presentation.

SADXA Presentation

KD6XH - Cliff  entertained us with his presentation on the two DXpeditions he participated in last year, as 5W0XH on Western Samoa, along with N7CQQ - John and then as W1AW/KH8 on American Samoa.  Even today, some amenities we enjoy here and in most of the world are missing on these islands such as Samoa. Even electric power is not guaranteed and is expensive.  They attempted to license a couple of potential hams on American Samoa but were unsuccessful.  So, it may be a while before that island will be available for DXers.  The only ham on the island has passed, three years ago.  They tried to use his antennas but corrosion has taken its toll. Cliff said that the open air hut below was where they offered as a place for them to stay.  Right.

You missed this one, didn't you? What? Were you afraid you'd be elected to SADXA office?  Chickens! 

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