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Last Meeting
19 January 2017

We had a guest for the evening.  Nicholas O'Gara, the Online Reporter/Editor for Arizona Public Media  , contacted SADXA requesting information about DXing.  KUAZ had received a QSL from Europe saying they had heard the AM 1550 broadcast.  Nick interviewed three of our avid DXers, W9FI - Jim, KB7AZ - Carl and N7WS - Wes.  It's possible that their interviews might end up being broadcast on KUAZ.

Since our Past President W1KSZ - Richard , was absent, our outgoing Vice President, W9FI - Jim opened the meeting by calling for the election of club officers.  
We have determined after the fact that there was a problem with our election of President and Vice President.  Therefore, a meeting will be scheduled of the club officers to determine the solution.  However, KD7UIZ - Don nominated WA1BZQ - Bruce as Social Director and, of course, he was unanimously elected.  Very special thanks to you for volunteering to serve for the upcoming year. 

With that, our VP dismissed the meeting to ready for the evening presentation by KD7CD - Cornell.

SADXA Presentation

KD7CD - Cornell gave us a look at his station and his impressive equipment including a review of his famous home brew transceiver,  the Star-10, a very well designed and constructed rig that will perform as well or better than most modern rigs.  In addition, he showed the progression of the restoration of his  Drake 2-NT, showing us pictures of the restoration process and the design and construction of a Frequency Synthesizer to serve as the crystal frequency reference to drive the transmitter. 

The SADXA meeting resulted in the successful nomination and election of new club officers.  We had a good turn out for that and a very nice presentation.  Where the heck were you?  If you mised it, you have to buy the beer next meeting!


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