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Last Meeting
20 March 2014

WO7P - Don

Here's a guy we haven't seen in a while.  Glad you made it to the meeting, Don.  Hope to see you more often!


Our meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard with the usual "Around the Room" introductions and DXploits.  Most of the activity during the month revolved around the W1AW/7 Centennial QSO Party the week of the 11th. and word has it that Arizona did well.   Our man KC9ORD - Mike related how he had enjoyed his W1AW/7 stint and that during the month he had worked four new countries.  And, he worked San Andres & Providencia, Antarctica and the Shetland Islands via a single Russian operator, UA4WHV - Vlad who travels extensively.  How convienient!

W7VX - Chuck said he was gathering hardware for the K - 24GHz, Q - 47 GHz and W - 78 GHz bands, very small wavelengths with a problem being the expense of obtaining parts with little surplus equipment available.   
NQ7R - Tom worked three modes with 3,258 QSOs over the week. He worked a couple of "stans",  Takikistan and Kyrgyzstan. With about 55 hours in the chair, talk about a sore derrière!  Good job, Tom!  On a further note concerning W1AW/7, Tom received this e-mail: 

From: Jeffrey Guenther


Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 5:09 PM

Subject: AZ  


I wanted to say to-date, the AZ team has done the best job with the W1AW!   I even worked AZ on 160 meters, for which my station is not well equipped.  

Please thank everyone for their great effort.  

Jeffrey - KA2BKG

Bel Air, MD


Our VP, N7WS - Wes said he worked 20 meter RTTY every day of the week and at times it was a bit boring.  The same occured with N7BXX - Gail saying that on 10 meter phone the first day, he worked over 400, but the next day, it was very slow and at times hard to stay awake.  N7CL - Eric and Gail operated 160 CW a couple of nights over at K7EWE - Jim's QTH in the Picture Rocks area on his 160 station and it was the same way, slooow!  Thanks, Jim.
KB7GAI - Wally , KB7JAQ - Scotty and KF7EZJ - Andrew all had good times on 10 meters last month with lots of openings.  Finally, our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry   said that the two donations to the
and had been given.  With that, preparation was made for the evening's presentation.

Our VP introduced WA7NB - Art Blank, who gave an enjoyable slide presentation of the DXpedition to the Juan Fernandez Islands, on November 8th thru 20th of 2013 with a crew consisting of three Italians, a German, a Dutchman, a Polak, a Spaniard, a Chilian of Italian extract  and finally, Art. The second largest island, Robinson Crusoe, is located about 400 miles off the coast of Chile. The true story of the sailor Alexander Selkirk, a castaway marooned on the island in 1704, gave inspiration to Daniel Defoe the author of Robinson Crusoe, hence, the name Isla Robinson Crusoe. They worked 59, 311 with 17,969 unique calls, quite an accomplishment for a small team of operators with limited antennas and a mountain on the European side of them. Art was the only English as a Primary Language operator, however, he said he speaks German and Spanish as well, so no problem. 

Well, once more I have to say, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.  When are you no-shows going to show up?

A good turnout.  Why weren't you here?

Gail, why did you take this?

Last Meeting
20 February 2014

K0JJL - Jim

KG7IRJ - Paul

Last meeting, our guest for the evening included K0JJL - Jim and his XYL, Marlene.  Jim has decided to join SADXA, so, welcome to SADXA, Jim! And, one of last month's guests was Paul who since then has taken his test and is now KG7IRJ.  Contratulations to you, Paul.  Welcome to ham radio!

Another guest of WO7V - Jim and K7JHE - Jeanette was Dessa.  Welcome to SADXA.  We hope you get interested in amateur radio and join the club!


KC9ORD - Mike

Contratulations to KC9ORD - Mike who is now an extra class operator.  He says he's looking for a 1X2 call now.  Good luck on that, Mike!


N7BXX - Gail opened the meeting with an explanation  and discussion of the ARRL Centennial QSO Party coming up for Arizona the week of 12 March.  He explained that we would be placing a link on SADXA to a web page where our members can sign up for operator slots, selecting the day, time, band and mode that they would like to operate.  Since we are sharing the time slots with other Arizona clubs, e.g., the Arizona Outlaws, the local RST, NADXA, CADXA and the Thunderbirds, it is imparitive that we pay attention to the schedule.  He said it should be a blast to be on the receiving end of 49 other states trying to snag Arizona at any given time.  (Editor's note:  There will be a link on the left side of the page soon)

The President, W1KSZ - Richard    continued with the official business and started with the round table introductions with news of any DX activity.  Overall, there was plenty of DX activity with a few notables such as W6CXI - Jerry saying that although 6 meters seems dead, he had worked five ZL's and a VK4 and he now has 179 countries on 160!  was a hot item for DX and several had worked that DXpedition.  N7WS - Wes had worked them on 80 thru 15, W1KSZ - Richard had worked them 80 thru 10, and of course KC9ORD - Mike said he had worked the same and at least two more than Wes.  WO7V - Jim had also worked Amsterdam Island on 80 thru 17.  NQ7R - Tom mentioned that the   last district DXpeditioin to YA-38 had taken place last year.  If you're interested, click the logo.  On a lighter note, W0LTL - Mike told a story of how he had put his telescope on Craig's List and a guy responded and wondered if he would trade for a pair of Kenwood Twins and some other assorted ham hardware.  Mike agreed to trade him and it turns out the he knew the guy when he was a ham back in the late 70's.  It's a small world.

Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that our finances were good.  From there it was moved by Richard that we give a donation of $250 to the   since they support so many DXpeditions.  And he also moved that $250 be donated to the DXpedition.  Both were seconded and were approved by the membership.  

The meeting was then ajourned for the evening presentation.

KD6HX - Cliff Hauser   gave the evening's presentation of the Banaba Island T33A DXpedition last year.  It was not the most accomodating setting for DX operating in that everything, including food and water had to be brought in, even though there were a couple hundred natives living there.  The natives have no electricity and no potable water or any fresh water wells. The eat mostly fish and some tropical tree fruit.  The soil will not raise any significant vegetables, so food of that sort has to be boated in.  For the DXers, it made it pretty rough.  A two day ride from Figi to  and from the island in an uncomfortable rust bucket didn't help either.

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times?  If you missed this one, you missed a good one.  (Of course I'm not exaggerating!)

January Meeting
16 January 2014



K0JJL - Jim

XYL - Marlene

We had three guests for the evening, K0JJL - Jim and XYL - Marlene from Sierra Vista.  We also had a prospective ham as a guest. Paul said he had held a Novice years back but had let it expire. He's going to take his Technician test soon.

Welcome to SADXA and we hope you consider becoming a member of the club! 


W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting by thanking our man KC9ORD - Mike for the excellent job he did in organizing our 2013 Christmas Party.   Editors note: There's a new Christmas Partys link.  Thanks Mike! Our round table discussion showed that there were many new contries worked even though the DX had been slow as of lately.  W6XI - Jerry said he had added to his 160 meter countries worked and now has 177.  That's quite an accomplishment on the Top Band!  Jerry also mentioned that TEP has not been supportative in dealing with RFI, primarily because they have no one qualified.  He urged all of us to make sure and call TEP  with their problems so that they will have to pay attention and do something as they have said they will do.  Editors note:  There is a number on the left side of the page for the TEP representative Scott Dickerson.  Call him!

KW7CD - Cornell had been experimenting with a 3 foot, 20 meter mobile antenna and had made several DX contacts with his small antenna.  N7BXX - Gail mentioned the W1AW Centennial QSO party and said he had worked four of the W1AW Portable Operating stations scheduled to operate in all the states over this year.  He passed around a sign-up sheet for the members to  operate in the Centennial Points Challenge as a SADXA entity for the entire year. The event should give operators to score WAS easily.

Congratulations go to WA1BZQ - Bruce and KD7UIZ - Don who upgraded to Extra class recently.  Good job guys, now what is your next challenge? It took only 47 years for Bruce to upgrade from Advance to Extra!  

In addition to scoring  #1 in the recent 10-10 International Sprint contest for the 7-Zone and the World, N7UQ - Chuck scored over 400,000 points in the December 10 Meter Contest.   Results are pending.  K7NN - Don worked 100 countries in December alone.  Pretty good, huh?  And you say you ain't got DXCC?  Guilty as charged.  Publishing is out of business and if you have back issues coming, you probably are out of luck, said  W7SWL - Bob .  CQ's publications are being combined and will be a web only magazine. 

Congratulations to all three SADXA Club Officers.  They were all re-elected for another year in office.  Thanks to W1KSZ - Richard, N7WS - Wes and W7LB - Barry for your SADXA support!

With that, the meeting was adjourned and preparations were made for N7WS - Wes to make his presentation for   

Did you miss this one?  You should be ashamed!

KW7CD has a new camera.

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