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Last Meeting
21 April 2016

K2HLW - Mike

Our guest for the evening was K2HLW - Mike who lives over on the west side came to our meeting.  He said he'd been here many, many years ago.  Mike, we hope you'll come back often.  He  says he's been a ham forever, since 1954 and has lots of experience.  Welcome to SADXA, Mike!


President W1KSZ - Richard brought the meeting to order asking if there was any old news.  He mentioned that no one had volunteered to be the Social Director and if no one steps forward, there will not be a Fall Picnic.  He mentioned that in the past we had sponsored a plaque for the and asked if we should repeat the action.  It was moved and seconded with a unanamous vote that we would donate $45 for a plaque.  Richard said that CARA was having a Hamfest on 7 May and although it was small, he always found something good there.

Another bit of news, the SADXA Club Call WS7DX has been awarded due to the efforts of N7WS - Wes , W1KSZ - Richard and K&NN - Don .  Good job, guys.  If there are any others who have provided, let us know.
Our VP - W9FI - Jim claimed first place in the single operator, high power Arizona segment of the .  Congratulations, Jim.
K7DV - Tom said he has now worked 225 countries.  Just wait till he retires!
WD7F - John said he has a new VibroCube key and has actually worked some CW for a change. Will wonders never cease? It weighs 6 pounds and you don't push IT around.
Our Club Veteran KB7JAQ - Scotty had a stack of cards he had received from the QSL Bureau and said that there were cards in there from as far back as 2000!
W7EXG - Bill worked 4 band slots from and worked FT4JA
.  Bill said he was working on a future presentation on the Gray Line propagation.  That should be interesting.
Our Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry reported that we are solvent and that we have 35 paid members.
N7FG - Frank noted that with is 100 watts and a vertical, the
was actually UNHEARD Island.  That's how it goes, Frank.
Heard Island and Juan de Nova was on W7TUS - Mike's list, he had worked many bandslots but he really had success working African countries and only lacks 4 of working them all.  Will that qualify him for the award?
W6XI - Jerry worked Juan de Nova and Heard with band slots on 17 and 40 plus Juan de Nova on 40 and 80 meters.
W0LTL - Mike mentioned something about DX to Demming on the EARS Network.  Does that count?
N7WS - Wes worked Heard on 17, 20 and 30 meters.
Being tenatious is WA7DHQ - Bob's nature because he said he had worked the
, St. Helena, Morrocco and East Kiribati Island with his Pro III and a Comet Vertical from his RV home.  However, Heard was Unheard.
KB7AZ - Carl was busy for sure, working 400 in theWPX contest in February and 200 in the .  Good job, Carl.

With the end of the round table, we took a break to set up for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presentation

Three of SADXA's finest KB7AZ - Carl , our VP - W9FI - Jim and K6WSC - Bill represented us at the 2016 Visalia International DX Convention.  What made it special for them was that they flew over from Tucson to Visalia in Carl's Piper PA-32 six passenger plane.  Judging from the photos and the description of the trip, they had a very good time.  Wonder if they coulda' carried just one more?

Aren't you sad that you didn't make this one.  You should be ashamed.  You can make it up by attending the May meeting! OK? 

Our waitress for the evening.


Last Meeting

17 March 2016

President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting announcing that our Secretary/Tresurer W7LB - Larry was not making the meeting, however, he was sure we were financially solvent.   Asking if there was any old business, Richard discussed the need for a new Social Director.  We had no volunteers so the subject was tabled until the next meeting.

The next subject of discussion was the upcoming DXpeditiion, the 6th most wanted according to .  After a short discussion, it was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to contribute $100 to the effort.  They're scheduled to begin on 29 March through 11 April 16.
W6XI - Jerry reported that he been doing low band DXing and working 2 new ones on 160, PJ7TM - Tom in St. Martin and 3XY1T Guinea DXpedition His total on 160 is now 191.
Our VP W9FI - Jim said that there was a problem with the recently acquired computer for the presntations and it was returned.  With that it became apparent that there would be no evening presentation because there was no computer availble to use.  Jim has been working 80 and 30 Meters and worked 27 countries in the ARRL International DX Contest CW and Phone.  he said to be on the lookout for , now's the time to get 'em, the 15th through the 26th.
KB7JAQQ - Scotty worked 10 and 12 Meters snagging T32WN, 5J0P, CX1DZ and YY8HBO.  Good job Scotty.  KF7EZJ - Andrew worked the 5J0P, T32WN and TX7EU.  As well they worked some
What else is new?  W7EXG - Bill says he has another STEPIR problem with one of the tuning motors and just got back on.  He said that when those antennas work, they're great, but when they break, they're broke!
One of our most active DXers, K6WSC - Bill has worked the ARRL International DX Contest and scored 716 QSOs and 314 band countries on CW.  And he had 404 QSOs and 257 band countries on SSB and both were Single Operator Unlimited Low Power.  Good job, Bill, you give SADXA a good name!
KB7AZ - Carl also worked the ARRL DX Phone contest and had 400 QSOs, 78 countries and 179 band countries.  He told me something else, possibly he now has 214 countries, but I'll have to check and update the page.
One of our newest memebers, N7FG - Frank says "This past month I've enjoyed good conditions and worked six all time new ones: Azores, Cape Verde, Suriname, Guinea, Falkland Islands, and my all-time distance record, Rodriguez Island.  Also worked the expeditions to San Andres, Marquesas Islands, and East Kiribati, as well as my first non-NA 80m DX, Venezuela and Hawaii, on SSB no less."  Not bad, Frank!
KB7GAI - Wailly said he hadn't been very active but since mid February he had worked several on 10 and 12 meters.
Digital SWLing has become KW7RS - Rolly's passion, hearing a great many stations on PSK31, PSK 63, Contestia 8/250, MFSK 16 and Olivia 8/250 on four bands.  There seems to be a great deal of activity in that area. Here's a link to the Contestia Mode if you're interested. Hey, Rolly, you've got to get going and make QSOs too.

Our man W7TUS - Mike had worked 80 band countries in the ARRL DX Contest but he's still trying to snag the 3C7A.
El Presidente - W1KSZ - Richard said he had been working JAs all up and down 10 meters, all over the place all the way up into the 29MHz area.
N7WS - Wes has been busy with picking up 65 new countries since the 1st of the year.  He worked the 5J0P picking up 18 band countries and the TX7EU snagging 10 band countries.  On 160 he has 149 band countries and 26 countries.  He said that he has been in contact with the new Trico Electric noise chaser and his contact info will be posted on the SADXA page.  Finally, Wes said he's done with the
having 160 total but is a bit tired of it all, so, that's it.

With that, the meeting was dismissed.  See you all next month.


SADXA Presentation
Rescheduled for next month

Hey, show up for the next meeting and how about volunteering to become the SADXA Social Director.  It's an easy job, OK?

WD7F - John has some pins to pass out to the members.  You'd better show up at the next meeting and claim yours, right, Annette? 


Last Meeting

18 February 2016

Our President W1KSZ - Richard opened the meeting with some new business, hoping to find a volunteer to become the Club Social Director to deal with our picnics and parties that our man K7TUS - Mike has done so well for the past three years or so.  No volunteer spoke up so the business was tabled until the next meeting.
The next order of business involved the subject of this evening's presentation, .  It was voted that SADXA would have a representative to act as manager for ClubLog and act as a point of control to insure that no non-SADXA members would be claiming membership in order to use ClubLog.  It was voted that SADXA would indeed have a manager position. With that, Richard appoin
ted N7WS - Wes to be the SADXA ClubLog Manager.
Our VP W9FI - Jim said that in taking over the duty of managing the presentation equipment such as the projector and PA system, was needing a laptop computer for the video and slide presentations.  It seems that the club computer has failed so there will be a need for a computer and Wes has been using his personal labtop.  There will be further discussion.
The DXploit round table discussion started with W6XI - Jerry saying that he had worked mostly 160 meters and had worked all the VP8 except for 10 meters.  W7TUS - Mike said that FINALLY, with the help of W7EXG - Bill , he had sorted out all of the problems with his STEP-IR antenna and was back on the air.  He worked the South Sandwich, Georgia and Palmyra dxpeditions. 
K6WSC - Bill said he had made a record contact on 440 MHz of almost 1/2 mile!  Of course in jest, however, he had been riding the course of the  
mountain bike course when he used his HT.  He mentioned that the race would be just about impossible to have without the support of the amateur radio community who make sure that the very dangerous event takes place with as few safety incidents as possible.
Our only SWLer - Annette said that she "never has anything to say!" when it comes to DXploits.  Editor's Note: There IS a solution, Annette, you know that you DO live with a perfectly good Elmer, don't you?
N7WS - Wes said he had been working the and it was becoming a bit tedious. He's leading in Arizona with about 158, but there a guy in Texas who has 270 or so.
W7JM - John said that he had a rare and unusual contact on the 10 GHz band with his small dish and 10 watts when he worked a station in Apache Junction.  Here's a picture of his working station. In addition, he worked the Moonbounce 70th Anniversary Special Event and here a link to the video of the event where they made contact with John.  Just click the logo. He's in there just a few seconds before the 6 minute mark.
W7EXG - Bill had more info on his restored Drake L7, saying it's working good reaching at least 1300 watts peak.  He's worked the VP8 on 17, 20, 30 and 40 CW. Plus, he's restored an old Cantenna. 
The Henning brothers, Scott and Andrew. KB7JAQ and KF7EZJ both had worked various DX on 10 and 12 Meters.
W9FI - Jim he worked all three of the recent DXpeditions as had W1KSZ - Richard but had worked them on RTTY.
The DXploit winner for the evening was KB7AZ - Carl who documented Easter Is., the Marianas, Le Sotho, S. Georgia, Kenya, Sable Is., S. Sandwich, Palmyra and Jarvis, Fiji and Mali.  And, he worked Bulgaria on 40 Meter RTTY.  Carl has now confirmed 200 now on LOTW.  Congratulations to Carl.  


SADXA Presentation

The evening presentation was given by N7WS -Wes who told us of the many advantages of using for keeping a handle on your DX contacts.  Quoting V7VJR, the creator of ClubLog:  "ClubLog is a web-based application that analyzes log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, ClubLog offers you a wide range of reports for your own benefit, and identifies large scale trends from the sum of all activity in the database." Good job, Wes, for filling us in on the good things that ClubLog can do for you.

Has anyone seen our Club Enforcer - N7BXX? 

Once again, if you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!  Do not miss another one!


Last Meeting
21 January 2016

New Vice President W9FI - Jim

WA7DHQ - Bob

W1SR - Steve

N7FG - Frank

Here are the newest members of SADXA!  Welcome to the club, we're happy to have you as members!

The first order of business was the election of Club officers resulting in the first meeing of 2016 being opened by our newly elected President W1KSZ - Richard.  Richard asked if there was any old business or new and with that, we began the DXploits round table discussion. Our new VP, W9FI - Jim said that he had his new dipole up and had worked the South Sandwich Islands and the in 11 band modes and had four (4) new countries on 80 Mtrs.
K0JJL - Jim had worked K5P.  The Henning Brothers, KB7JAQ - Scott and KE7EZJ - Andrew had worked a bit of DX on 10 meters.  
W7EXG - Jim says his Drake L-7 has been restored and works great.
One of our newest members, N7FG - Frank has been a ham for 52 years and he had also worked K5P.
Not too much DX was reported by our DX champion K6WSC - Bill , however he worked the NAQP CW and had 507 QSOs before the static electricity protector in his dipole shorted.
Secretary/Treasurer W7LB - Larry said that we are solvent. KD7UIZ - Don told of working with the giant discone antenna at the Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson.  80 ft. high and 50 ft. in diameter.  Don said it works great! is having a radio party on 30 January.  If you're interested, contact Don or an RST member.  WA7DHQ - Bob said that he had to work really hard and exercise patience in order to snag the K5P with his vertical and 100W, however, he managed to do it!
W6XI - Jerry worked K5P on 160/80/40/30/17 and 12, VP8 on 40 & 17.  Worked Europe on 160, Uruguay, a prize for sure,  and now has 187 on 160.  He suffered a bad barrel connector on his 80 meter antenna and recommends NOT using barrel connectors because they WILL fail.
KF7OOO - Jerry and KW7CD - Cornell related how they had worked portable from the Salt River Canyon and that Cornell was learning C++.  Good luck with that, Cornell.  
KB7AZ- Carl worked 2 new countries and K5P on 15 and 30 meter RTTY plus on 20 CW and phone. W1KSZ - Richard said he had worked K5P on 160/80/40 and 30, but not on 10.  He worked the South Sandwich on 30 mtr RTTY and had been working on restoring a Collins station.
N7WS - Wes worked the K5P on 15 RTTY plus 17 band slots.  Wes said that he  and W6XI attended the 
awards banquet where KK6EK - Bob Schmieder was the featured speaker.

Finally, Wes says there are 409 stations to be worked on the ARRL and that he has now worked 72 of them.  Gee Wes, when do you sleep?

With that, the meeting was adjourned.  See you next month.



It was a good meeting to kick off the new year!  If you missed the meeting, you missed a good one!  Don't miss it next month!

What the?!?  Is Don slapping Wally on the head?

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