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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at Mimi's Cafe located at 120 S Wilmot just south of Broadway at 5:30 PM. Click on map for directions. Come a bit early if you intend to eat.

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We had quite a turnout for this month's meeting with folks knowing that W7EXG -  Bill would be telling us about Gray-Line Propagation.  I believe there were 29 attending.  Keep in mind that the SADXA picnic is scheduled for September 24th and W7LB - Larry is collecting for your guests.  Hope to see you there. 


W1KSZ - Richard


Next Meeting
18 August 2016


Our VP W9FI - Jim has a collection of videos concerning the relationship between Hams and Penguins.  Can't wait for that!

Last Meeting

19 May 2016

KI7FZO - Kiersten

Our guest for the evening is KI7FZO - Kiersten, the daughter of our own Social DIrector, W1SR - Steve  .  Steve told us that this may have set a Guiness Record in that Kiersten had, today, received her new Technician call KI7FZO and on the same day became a member of SADXA.  Congratulations to both of you. Welcome to SADXA Kiersten.

The July meeting was opened by our President W1KSZ - Richard   reminding us of the 24 September SADXA picnic and to pay our Secretary/Treasurer $5.00 for any guests you may bring.  Richard said he had received an email with a request for donation to the Italian Senegal DXpeditiion.  There were no motions from the floor and the item was dropped.
W6XI - Jerry
that he had very little activity except for a 2- hour opening on 6-Meters where he worked several DX stations.
Our VP W9FI - Jim
said that he had been playing with the digital modes such as JT-65 and hadn't had much activity since the bands have been pretty bad.  K6WSC - Bill reported that Jim, W9FI is the West Coast Regional Leader in the Single Operator 80 Meter category of the 2016 ARRL DX CW contest (page 88 August QST). Nice work Jim.
K6WSC - Bill
reports a likely top 10 spot in the USA in the Single Operator All Band Assisted CW Low Power category of the IARU HF World Championship held July 9th 2016, with 465 Qs and 75 ITU zones across the 80-15 meter bands. K6WSC is also the West Coast Regional Leader SOULP in the 2016 ARRL DX CW contest (page 88 August QST). Bill also participated in the CRC/RST Field Day on Mt. Bigelow and had a hand in producing this video:  https://youtu.be/ImSx4UGD4Kk  (Editors Note:  This is a professional looking video-slide show and you should take a look.  A lot of work went into it.  While your at it, make sure you LIKE it when you're done.)

K7RJ - Ro
n reported that he had been playing with small loop antennas and been having fun with the High-Q devices and had made a contact or two with them.  His XYL N7BDX - Elaine confirmed that he had indeed been doing so.
N7FG - Frank operated in the as QRP mixed mode. He said he worked JT-65 on 17 Meters and it was pretty laid back because it runs in the background, you check it once in a while, click and there you have a QSO.
The SADXA Secretary/Treaurer W7LB - Larry
reported that the club was solvent and that he had mailed the check for the donation to the Solomon Islands DXpeditiion.  He asked if the club was going to continue the tradition of donating to the It was moved, seconded and voted to donate $250 to the NCDXF as usual.
W1SR - Steve said he had acquired a Flex 6700 and the Maestro  and was having a good time with it.  He said that the
was holding Special Interest Group (SIG) workshops on Linux and specifically Raspberry-Pi applications.  If you are interested, click the   and read the flyer. 
KB7AZ - Carl placed first in Arizona and 5th in the Southwestern Division in the Single Operator All Band High-Power Non-Assisted category.in the 2016 SSB Contest. Congratulations on that.  He also reported by  that he worked 22 countries from Algeria to Western Kiribati.  One of them has a name I've never heard: ''Franz Josef Land".  I'll have to look that one up. Good job, Carl.  Obviously you didn't hear that the bands are dead.  
K7NN - Don said that over the last month he had made over 400 contacts on 6 Meters, working all states with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont.  That is an achievement and proves that he is a true DXer.   Don is the founder of SADXA and has lately provided an update to the Mission Statement and a brief history of the club telling of the original members.  Editors Note:  Notice on the left side of the SADXA page is a new button .  It will lead you to the Mission Statement where you will find a link to a brief history of SADXA.  We're still looking for information on that very first group.  If you have information, please contact me.
Finally, W0LTL - Mike told of his struggle with Parkinson's disease and that he had pretty good control of it through diet and exercise, however, he had recently found that he could no longer use a Iambic key and keyer and operate as he could in the past.  But, he discovered that he could, in fact, operate a Vibroplex style "Bug" quite well.  Good for you, Mike.  Mike reported that the reservation has been confirmed and the usual  location is ready for the 24 September picnic.  See you there.

With that, we were dismissed in preparation for our evenings presentation.

SADXA Presentation

Our presentation for the evening was given by W7EXG - Bill presented a study he made on Gray-Line Propagation, based on only 20 observation points (from 3/24 to 4/9 UTC) from six SADXA members primarily regarding the (NO) Heard-Island experience. He showed us that the analyized data challenges the conventional wisdom, published accounts and definitions of Gray-line propagation.  It was very interesting and even after the presentation was over, people continued to want to discuss the topic.

Yes, there was a good turnout for Bill's presentation, but
we know that some of you were missing.  I hope you can
make it next time.  It was very interesting!



I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

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